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Product Review: Eagle Creek Limited Edition EC Lync™ System

When it comes to travel gear, Eagle Creek are redefining our expectations with their new EC Lync™ System.  This 2016 limited edition rolling bag collection features a full size but ultra-lightweight travel accessory that can be converted into a backpack that is even lighter (making it perfect for overnight trips).  The revolutionary patent pending EC Lync™ System actually disassembles and stows away in its own stuff bag when not in use, making it great for infrequent or minimalist travelers too.  Male Standard test drove the 22 on a recent domestic flight.  Here is what we thought!

Product Review: Eagle Creek Limited Edition EC Lync™ System

The EC Lync™ System capitalizes on momentum and is designed to be the ultimate travel companion for all occasions.  With only 400 pieces made, it features material upgrades including Bi-Tech™, 420D Helix™ Dual Ripstop, and PU-coated zippers to give this bag the upper hand on weather protection and ultimate coolness.  Retaining that ultra-light weight, EC Lync™ Limited Edition boasts the finest finishes and findings, additional pockets, and even more carry on versatility.  Durability tested to the max, this bag is built tough for the road ahead and covered by the No Matter What™ Warranty.

EC Lync™ System 22

Product Review: Eagle Creek Limited Edition EC Lync™ System

The 22 is the second system in the EC Lync™.  It is perfect for flying domestic and meets carry-on requirements at 4-9 lbs with just over 2600 cubic feet of interior space.  This is bag can carry a lot but is crazy lightweight.  The EC Lync™ System features the 20, a smaller version of the 22, and goes up to the 26 and 29, which are ideal for full-size luggage (the latter being something we would take for extended destination travels to Austrailia or the like).  The EC Lync™ 22 comes in three attractive colors – orange, gray, and blue.  All of which stand out on the carousel.

Male Standard Verdict

What sets the Limited Edition EC Lync™ System apart from other travel collections is that the bags can be broken down into different travel accessories as needed. We love how the 22 becomes a stylish backpack that affords you to go hands-free when navigating the hands on airport terminals. If you are like us and refuse to travel without your laptop, tablet, camera, phone, wallet, passport, etc., the 22 will be your new BFF.

It keeps everything close to hand and protected. Patent-pending technology gives this bag ultra-collapsibility and disassembly for easy storage and flexible travel options. From the small stuff sack to a full-size travel bag, you can stow it, roll it, or carry it to your next adventure.  We honestly couldn’t ask for more!

Product Review: Eagle Creek Limited Edition EC Lync™ System

If you are looking for an attractive, functional, and durable smart bag to travel domestically, the EC Lync™ 22 is perfect.  We love the look – gorgeous, and the craftsmanship is spectacular.  This is something we would expect to see a celebrity traveling with through LAX it is so luxurious.  The price point is superb too.  For the all-in-one design and functionality, looks, and quality, you will never find a bag like the EC Lync™ System for less.  It is a fraction of what we expected and highly recommend you check it out.

The EC Lync™ Limited Edition bag will retail with a suggested retail price of $349 from January 16, 2016.