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5 Rules for Popping Your Tattoo Cherry

At the core of everyone lies a slice of life waiting to come out, the emerging butterfly we all have the opportunity to be. Upon exiting this cocoon, some feel the desire to change themselves in some way or another. Ever had the urge to make a huge personal statement? Has the desire to explain something about you revealed itself recently? If so, a tattoo could be just the thing needed to liven yourself up.

Some people are addicted to tattoos. Entire bodies are dedicatedly engulfed in this ancient form of art and some people have them in places that would make the most avid horror fan cringe. Tattoos have been around since man could put two and two together, but in the last 50 years it has become increasingly more acceptable to show your guns while sporting ink. To be straightforward, I don’t think everyone should get a tattoo and, at the risk of sounding materialistic, I don’t think everyone looks good with them. I used to place myself in this category. Recently I have had the desire to get one, but I didn’t know what to get or where to get it. Upon getting my already dusty college degree it had hit me, the tattoo I was going to have everlastingly needled on my body.

However, the bigger question remains elusive to an answer: are there any social rules to getting a tattoo? Officially no, but there should be, as having class and poise can be included in all of a guy’s activities. Here’s what I have come up with:

Five Rules For Men in Getting an Acceptable Tattoo

  1. If you get a tattoo in a foreign language, you should speak a good deal of that language. Not only could it be unknowingly offensive, it is a touch ignorant.
  2. Get them somewhere on your body where they can be hidden. You don’t have to hide it, but you should be able to if the business world ever comes knocking on your door. If you are undecided in getting a tattoo, a small one you can hide might be a positive first step. Get off the fence already!
  3. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to anyone else. So what is the point of getting it on your body in the first place? Pick something meaningful and unique to you and don’t worry about it lasting forever. That is what they do.
  4. Men should not get a tattoo on the small of their back. Period.
  5. Creativity can help you out if used accordingly but don’t over-tat yourself to look like someone just cut you out of Circus de Soleil program. Women at bars tend to notice exceptional tattoos and the right girl will come talk to you about it.

Obviously there are some rules to outline that should be common knowledge when getting a tattoo. Don’t go to someone you don’t know or a friend hasn’t gone to, which is fine because everyone you know will know someone with ink already. Cleanliness should be the first goal of any tattoo shop, no matter how good of friend they are to you. Take the time to browse their portfolio and ask questions, don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you want on your body. When you leave the tattoo shop, you should be happy every time with what happened – so take your time in deciding. When it comes down to it, a well thought out but smaller tattoo is better than two arms full of flames or barbed wire.

Well I know what I’m getting and can’t wait for it to be on me. Post pictures of your awe-inspiring tattoos in the comment area and see if they make the grade.