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Philip Rivers On The Moustache He Wishes He Could Grow And Then Shave Off With Gillette Shave Club

Like a great moustache that gets taken for granted, San Diego Chargers signal-caller Philip Rivers is one of the best QBs in NFL history and most people don’t even notice it.

The 281 TDs he’s thrown are 11th most all-time and the most in Chargers’ history, breaking the record previously held by Hall of Famer (and noted beardsman) Dan Fouts. Rivers’ career total of 41,447 passing yards is 14th most in NFL history and, barring injury, he will surpass Fouts’ franchise mark of 43,040 during the 2016 season.

But one category he will never surpass Fouts is the category of BEARD. Rivers, just like the author of this very article you are reading right now, simply can’t grow one.

“And so many guys on the team have one,” said a dejected Rivers about the endless array of beards that seemingly envelop him in the Chargers’ locker room. “I always try to grow one every year, but then by like November, it gets so bad; it looks terrible. I try to convince myself it looks pretty good, but then after about 10 ½ weeks I just give up.”

We asked “Felipe Rios” what it felt like to win a playoff game against Peyton Manning on a torn ACL, the facial hair he would grow if he could grow it, and why Gillette Shave Club is the best gift you can buy your dad for Father’s Day.

What do I need to know about Gillette Shave Club?

Gillette Shave Club is really trying to put the spotlight back on the dads. They just launched “Go Ask Dad,” an awesome video on the YouTube Channel. In this day and age, it seems like teens go to the search engine on the Internet and search for things like “how to tie a tie,” “how to shave.” I even talked to a dad the other day that said his son called him and said he had a flat tire but said not to worry, that he would just Google how to change a flat tire. Sure, you can find the cookie-cutter version on the internet, but you can’t get that personal touch and love that you get from your dad showing you how to do those things.

With Gillette Shave Club, it’s a great gift, especially for Father’s Day, because you know dad is going to need a fresh razor and new blades and shave gel. Whenever he is due up, they’ll be delivered to his door. It’s an awesome gift when you think about Father’s Day gifts because it can be hard to get creative. And that’s something you know he is going to use and benefit from.

Speaking of being a father, is it easier to corral 10 guys in the huddle on the field? Or, your eight kids that you have at home?

They are challenging in their own ways. The 10 guys in the huddle – the play clock helps! It’s kind of like when you tell your children to do something and you start to countdown, 1, 2, 3…It’s the same way in the huddle ‘cause they know it’s time to get in that huddle because the clock is ticking. I love the on-field aspect of leading a group of men. And am certainly thankful and love being a dad as well.

If you could grow any kind of facial hair, what would it be?

I think it would just be a really solid…a really solid moustache. You know, you should look up ‘Felipe Rios’ which would be my name in Spanish. There is a moustache that comes up that I wish I could have. And I can’t do it, but it would be so solid.

What’s the worst grooming mistake you see amongst reporters? You see the same people week in and week out. Is there one piece of facial hair you just want to rip off of a guy?

Well, I don’t think this is too prominent with reporters, but the old chinstrap – the real thin one that wraps from ear to ear – that bothers me a little bit.

Ah, the old Color Me Badd look! Who is the worst groomed defender? And is there a guy you just love to throw TUDS against and score on?

Let’s see…trying to think…gosh, nobody comes to mind, on that.

Charles Woodson had the weird chin-thing going on but now he’s retired…

Yeah and he was awesome. He was just awesome. He was a guy you didn’t love to play but you had great respect for. Gosh, there’s no guy that comes to mind as far as bad facial hair. But, I loved going against Ray Lewis. It was one of those things where growing up, you watch those guys – just like Peyton Manning retiring – where they weren’t way, way older than you, but old enough to where you were a fan. And then you’re staring across, four yards away, he’s the MIKE linebacker that is staring you in the face! And you’re just kind of like, ‘man this is great!’

When did that feeling wear off? First snap, first play of your rookie year? Or did it take time?

Until I got settled in? It took some time. I didn’t start my first two years so I watched for two years. Which was tough, but I think was beneficial. Then in my third year I started in about the fourth game, maybe fifth, we played the Steelers at home on a Sunday or Monday night, and that’s when it started to kind of, I started to go, ‘alright, I’m going to be OK.’ It started to feel a little more comfortable. There’s really no substitute for game reps.

Even though you can’t grow a beard, one of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen was your ability to beat the Colts at home in the ’07 playoffs on a torn ACL, and then almost beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game the following week. How was that even possible? And, what does it feel like to have a torn ACL?

The whole deal was crazy. Just feeling it pop that week and it was a very emotional week, a very spiritual week leading into that Patriots game. It was weird because it didn’t really affect my play, but I didn’t have my best game either against the Patriots but I don’t think it was due to the knee. I think it was a heck of a game. They beat us 21-12 and we kicked four field goals. More than anything it wasn’t so much pain, that it just felt loose; it felt wobbly, it felt unstable. It wasn’t really painful.

“That was just a crazy couple of weeks, and not only for myself. LT was hurt, Gates had a dislocated toe – I could go on and on. We had so many guys that were injured. And I don’t know that we’d have won if we had everyone, but I’d certainly like to think it would’ve given ourselves a better chance.”