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Peligroso Cinnamon: Live Dangerously, Drink Responsibly

Many years ago, two friends from different worlds set out to find the best Tequila. One was from a suit and tie Real Estate development business and the other was a sunglass company owner where edgy jeans and t-shirts were the norm. They both shared a love for Mexico, surfing and tequila. They both had gone on dozens of trips throughout Mexico for various surfing adventures where beers and various tequilas were always present. There was a mix of danger and beauty in Mexico trips. Uneasy and apprehensive feelings were felt prior to leaving; knowing the sketchy border crossing, armed 16 year old Federales with M-16 machine guns, corrupt police officers, filthy jails and bad roads.

But there was also knowledge of the beautiful side to Mexico full of calm people, picturesque beaches, perfect waves, cold beers, and great Tequila. Like Mexico, Tequila is dangerous. It’s not like other alcohol such as beer, wine and Vodka because when you drink Tequila you know it’s going to be fun, wild and perhaps dangerous/Peligroso! Those two friends experienced the beauty and dangers of Mexico time and again. It was the experience of great surf, rowdy bars, meeting crazy Mexican people, being chased by cops, having all of our gear stolen, hangovers and too many stories to tell, but for every crazy, wild and scary story there was also one of isolated untouched beaches, perfect waves, nice generous people, the insane meal of fish or lobster at a bargain price, the fun bar where the beers were ever flowing and the Tequila set the mood for a fiesta never to be forgotten.

All of these encounters were a full education on what PELIGROSO TEQUILA would ultimately be. It would be the best and it would never have any form of artificial color or fragrance. Our Tequila would be 100% Weber Blue agave, the agave would be grown and harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, it would be steamed in real brick ovens and we would never use autoclaves, we would distill in copper and stainless pots and we would age in real oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee. Their alcohol content is higher than the norm of 40%. Peligroso is 42% which makes our tequila that much more Peligroso and better. 


 Thank you Peligroso for sharing this awesome information and recipes!