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Panel Wallet – Become an Expert in Pocket Management

Panel is the ninja of your pockets, safely guarding your most essential items and slipping into any pocket or bag unnoticed, making it the thinnest wallet ever! The idea of Panel was conceived based on the needs of a single person, but a quick search proved that it solved many problems that other wallets don’t. Learning that they weren’t the only ones searching for a better solution led the Panel creative team to create a product that we’re confident you’ll enjoy, just as much as they’ve enjoyed the process of developing it. You can find out more or support their process on Kickstarter


  • Fashion – Wallets detract from your silhouette, and decrease the lifespan of your garments.
  • Security – Silicone bands are great at keeping a firm grasp on your items and deter pick-pocket theft by creating friction in your pocket.
  • Health – Sitting on your wallet can cause back pain and lead to sciatica which may cause long-term health issues.

Why Tri-Fold?

Panel Wallet - Become an Expert in Pocket Management
Panel Wallet – Become an Expert in Pocket Management

Tri-folding and quad-folding your bills is inherently not thin. Panel is one of only a few minimalist wallet solutions that support bi-folded bills, and theirs is certainly the most easy to use. With Panel, your bills stay crisp and the fact that you only have to fold them once means means you can carry more while accessing and storing them effortlessly. The versatility of the band and support design enables you to choose how many cards you carry. Panel recommend 5-6 cards for everyday use. These include 1-2 banking cards, 1-2 IDs, your medical insurance card, and a mass transit card if you’re an urban commuter like many of us.

Wireless ID Theft Just Got A Lot Harder

Panel Wallet – Become an Expert in Pocket Management

Enter the public with greater confidence. Every Panel uses an aircraft-grade aluminum or grade 2 titanium core that blocks RFID signals from accessing your precious data. Their advice is to use a pocket that is tight to your body, and always face the cash side out. The core materials are just a start, and Panel Wallet promise to keep working on RFID blocking technologies until they’re sure they’ve created a solution that eliminates the dangers of wireless ID theft completely. When designing the Panel Wallet, every facet of the product was considered to ensure that the form was as minimal as possible, while maximizing its functionality and ease of use.

To find out more or to support Panel, please visit Kickstarter