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The Surprising Benefits of Going Cashless

When I first thought about starting my own business, I was like many starter entrepreneurs – I worried about money and where to find it. Even an online business needs capital – all those websites don’t get setup and hosted for free, you know, but the costs don’t stop there; if your business goes viral, you’ll worry about how to keep up with demand, or how to find the budget for unforeseen expenses.

Is She a Player?

Players aren’t just guys anymore, and they aren’t just hip-hop vixens shaking their booties at the club. From Indie Chick to Gangster Bitch, female players come in all shapes, sizes, and incarnations. Look for these signs before falling for a player and getting played harder than a Wii after Christmas.

Why Men Develop Patchy Beards

You would think that if a man shaves regularly, he wouldn’t worry about patchy beard. Actually, that is not the case, particularly with dark haired men. We show you the best products to use for patchy beards.

How to Woo a Jewish Girl This Hanukkah

Okay, so there’s no way in hell a Jewish girl would be caught dead in a sweatband, but you get the point. How do you, a nice non-Jewish boy like yourself catch the heart, brain, and panties of said Jewish goddess?