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ORB Releases Intelligent Multi-Vitamins & Fish Oil for Men

ORB, the wellness company of the future announced today their first innovation, an intelligent, futuristic line of vitamins. In a category whose only true innovation in decades has been gummy vitamins, ORB brings a diverse portfolio covering seven key benefits anchored in their Terra Intelligent DosingTM* system. Exclusive to ORB, this game changing technology ensures key nutrients are time-released throughout the day (or night) so the full benefits are absorbed.

ORB is committed to using its unique technology to solve essential, everyday problems others have ignored. Tired of swallowing a handful of pills every morning? ORB pioneered the creation of a complete multivitamin and full dose of fish oil in a single capsule. Bogged down by grogginess the morning after taking a sleep aid? ORB’s Sleep Complex contains time-released B-12 that helps you wake actually feeling refreshed. Love the jolt of energy products, but hate the jitters? ORB’s Smooth Energy is sustained throughout the day.

“We firmly believe that innovation makes wellness better and vitamins have been due for a reinvention. ORB delivers the vitamin performance that modern lifestyles require,” said Matt Hesse, CEO of Corr-Jensen, founder of ORB. “We aren’t afraid of shaking things up and doing things differently, so we created a groundbreaking line of high-tech vitamins that are designed to look as good as they feel.”

ORB vitamins are intended to be proudly displayed on countertops and nightstands, not hidden away. The sleek and futuristic sphere bottle design conveniently fits into bags, purses or on your desk and the bright colors mean you’ll never forget to take your favorite vitamin.


 Men’s Multi + Fish Oil: The first dual delivery system to provide the ideal intake of multivitamins and fish oil in one capsule.

  • Mental Focus + Mood: Caffeine and L-Theanine combine to support an alert but calm mental state, the formula also helps support memory and cognition with the help of fish oil.
  • Sleep Complex: A time-released blend of Melatonin and B-12 helps promote a restful nights’ sleep and energy support upon awakening the next morning. Fall asleep faster and longer!
  • Hair – Skin – Nails + Collagen: Biotin and Collagen paired with Jojoba oil mimic the body’s own natural oils for added hydration and moisture – proving that beauty truly does come from within.
  • Smooth Energy Complex: Mimicking the feeling of that first cup of coffee in the morning, caffeine combines with L-Theanine and MCT oil, for an alert state that’s invigorating but never jittery.
  • Heart Complex: Support the body’s most vital organ with CoQ10, a natural antioxidant shown to support heart muscle cells, healthy blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.

ORB is available nationally online and in-store, at Amazon, GNC, H-E-B, The Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Meijer and select Walgreens stores for $39.99 (60 capsules) and $19.95 (30 capsules). For more information about ORB vitamins visit, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @ORBWellness.