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Old Spice Launches “Dream Runner” And You’re Invited!

With Old Spice Dream Runner, if you can run it, you can own it. Starting on May 12th, Old Spice will be rewarding fans who accomplish amazing foot-powered feats based on unique, ridiculous run routes.

Win stuff you want, just by running the shape of it! Here’s how it works:

1) Dream of a prize you want to win
2) On your mobile device, visit
3) Run the shape of the prize you want to win
4) Submit your shape/run
5) Win prize


There are two phases to the contest:

May 12-15: Dream Runner Free Run – From May 12-15, the prize is the route, the route is the prize, in much the same way that “Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn IS Finkle!” Want to win a baboon so your mother-in-law will have a like-minded, near humanoid to talk/relate to at upcoming family functions? During this “free run” period, Old Spice is challenging you to run a shape of whatever they want. After you submit your shape, Old Spice will then review, interpret, and reward select amazing runs. A gold-plated hot dog could be just a dream away!

May 16-28: Dream Runner Daily Prize Schedule – Want to battle a sea of dudes to see who the real alpha male is? Starting on Monday May 16th and ending on the 28th, Old Spice will announce daily prizes via its social channels. Run that route the best, submit your completed run, and you will be rewarded with that prize – if you’re the alpha-ist! Old Spice Daily Prizes will feature an array of ridiculous, manly prizes in true Old Spice style. We’d give you a hint, but you have to wait for the official Prize List announcement on May 16. More than 1,200 prizes will be available, with 3 grand prizes.

Here’s what Dream Runner looks like on your mobile device:

Select “Plan Run” to create a route based on a GPS map of your location. How about a baboon for your mother-in-law?

Already have a route in mind and are ready to go? Select “Start Run” and make sure your quadriceps have been adequately stretched and warmed up via a series of Bob Giovanni inspired squat thrusts. Thatta boy, really get that thrust in…

Need more inspiration? Select “Want Inspiration?” and Old Spice will do the thinking for you, just like your wife or girlfriend usually does.

Now that you’re all warmed up and you’ve either created your own route, or selected the daily prize route, it’s time to start running! Get out your tube socks, your weird mesh half-shirt, a pair of bulge amplifying shorts and hit the bricks!

Sure, the worst part about running is the actual running, but it will be over soon enough! If you get winded and need a break like some kind of weakling, you can pause your Dream Runner workout.

Well, looks like we’ve got ourselves a regular Van Gogh, here! Now that your run has been mapped and your shape is created, Van Gogh ahead and press the “Submit” button to send in your run. Do it now! What – you can’t hear me? Why is your ear bleeding?

When you submit your run shape, you’ll have to enter your email and home address – email so you can be notified the you’ve won a prize and address to deliver your prize.

So don’t use your fake-out name of “Ben Dover,” who lives on 1234 Main St. in Anytown, USA. Or, you won’t ever receive that baboon. For your mother-in-law.

Run over to to get started!