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Nourish Thyself — Men’s Health Advice From the Oriental Herb Company

Oriental Herb Company (OHCO) began in 1994 and currently offers 7 herbal self-help tools. OHCO exists to create and distribute original Chinese herbal formulas for today’s modern man, and the people in his life. Safety is their number one priority. OHCO use these formulas personally and so do their children, friends, and pets. They strive to bring you the very best in customer service, and have provided some information on how best to use their products. With the seasonal changes, and the recent harsh winter weather still affecting many cities across America, OHCO offer a natural way to recoup and recover from exhaustion, the common cold, and even those nights when you want things to heat up under the sheets!

Cold Snap

Photo credit: Oriental Herb Company

As the name suggests, this is a good formula to take when fighting a flu/cold or other “invader;” when your system has been compromised. It is best to take it at the first sign of a cold or flu. The sooner you take it, the better. But it can help shorten the duration of a cold or flu when taken once the ‘invader’ has already set in. It has broader uses for allergies, conditions where the immune system is compromised and even auto-immune concerns, OHCO has an informational sheet called “Cold Snap 101” with more specific information about how to take it. This is also a fantastic formula for children. OHCO offers a powdered version for teas. Alternatively, the capsules can be easily broken open to make a tea.

Contraindications: NONE

Stomach Chi

Photo credit: Oriental Herb Company

This is a useful digestive formula. It can address a variety of digestive issues from occasional nausea, motion sickness, a short bout of food poisoning to a longer term digestive challenge such as IBS or heartburn (which can be a sudden onset issue – take as you would TUMS.) Also digesting change-emotions, grief, new situations. This is a great formula for motion sickness – take 2 capsules, 3 times per day around the time when you expect to be on the water, also 2 capsules every 20 minutes as soon as you get on the boat. Also a great formula for someone who exercises, eats well but for some reason can’t lose those last 5 pounds. Some of the biggest Stomach Chi fans are those with food sensitivities, especially to dairy & gluten.

Contraindications: NONE


Wan Ton

Photo credit: Oriental Herb Company

The newest and ‘most fun’ formula. It unravels the knots that keep things from flowing in a sexual way and helps you open up to stimulation. The response for this one has been exceptional, particularly from women, who are often held back because they are too busy thinking about their to-do list and closing themselves off from the possibilities of passion. A person who took it long-term (a male, actually), described how taking it regularly reinvigorated his passion for career, activity, etc. Mitigate Rx side effects related to sex drive. Depression? Absolutely, when loss of passion in activities that were previously found enjoyable is part of the pattern.

Contraindications: pregnancy.

How to Take:

Each formula can be taken two ways: in large doses (2 capsules every twenty minutes for a few hours) to treat a sudden onset of an issue (pulled muscle, sudden exposure to a pathogen, food poisoning, a night where you just can’t sleep, a romantic night with your partner) or as a maintenance formula (2 capsules, 3 times a day for an indefinite period of time) to treat a deeper level concern (tendency to catch colds frequently, seasonal allergies, significant digestive disturbances, longer term joint and muscle issues, anxiety, insomnia, loss of interest in sex).

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