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New Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor — Behind the Razor

It’s no secret that guys are often on autopilot throughout their day –  doing a double take when someone attractive walks by, leaving the toilet seat up, etc.  And, after watching thousands of men shave each year, researchers at Gillette have found that when it comes to shaving, it’s no different.  Guys are on autopilot there too and are risking their quality of skin, signs of aging, and ingrown hairs with a poor quality razor.  This is because the shave gel has wiped away, which means for the remaining strokes their face is at the mercy of sharp, steel blades – oftentimes resulting in irritation…

Through research, Gillette found that guys on average are taking up to 170 razor strokes when shaving, with as many as 120 strokes happening after the shave gel has been wiped away – leaving them unprotected for the rest of the shave, causing irritation from these re-strokes.  During our at-home test, we guessed it took 20 strokes when really it took 110 to complete one shave – while it was under the average 170 strokes, this was still way over what we had guessed.  That’s why Gillette launched the ProShield, providing added lubrication to protect guys from re-stroke, so you don’t have to change the way they shave.

New Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor — Behind the Razor

While the rest of the world is adding more blades to their razors in the hopes of achieving a close shave, Gillette has been researching and developing the future of shaving with it’s all new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor (slated for release in December).  Gillette wanted to get to the bottom of what a razor does and how they can improve the cumulative experience.  They have been working endlessly to find the solution.  What they came up with is nothing less than genius. The new Fusion ProShield cartridge provides an added layer of lubrication before the blades, in addition to the lubrastrip that was always provided.

With a sophisticated ergonomic design, the Gillette Fusion ProShield acts as an extension of your hand to hit every contour.  Just as a car with no suspension is a nightmare to drive, a razor without proper handling will not give you that super close shave.  Furthermore, your current razor is likely to be aging you, by tugging and stretching the delicate skin on your face.  The secret sauce, however, is in the use of Fusion ProShield lubrication before the blades to protect your face.  It doesn’t matter how swift or sharp your razor is if you have to take hundreds of passes to get rid of all the hair.  Always go in protected!

Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor

With over five years of research, the new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor with Flexball technology pivots front to back and sideways (up to 24 degrees) to offer the closest shave in the least amount of passes.  This extended field of movement means that you can also get to all of the areas on your face, such as your neckline and jaw, without irritation.  The Flexball also improves your handling and relieves stress and joint pressure for a truly comfortable shave. What we love most though is the new New ProShield Lubrication Bar that is featured before the blades to protect your skin from the perils of shaving.

“With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn’t necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break,” said Stew Taub, Director of Shave Care R&D at Gillette. “At Gillette, we constantly look for solutions to help improve the shave for guys, and that is why we are introducing the new Fusion ProShield, with lubrication before and after the blades, to help shield from irritation during the shave. We have changed our blade cartridges so guys don’t need to change the way they shave.”

New Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor — Behind the Razor

Gillette Fusion ProShield Features:

  • The thinnest, finest edge blades with less tug and pull
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging

As part of a top secret testing panel, we tried the new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor ahead of its release to see if the claims were true and are so happy to report that they are.  We talked about exciting innovations such as how the five re-engineered Fusion ProGlide blades are thinner to reduce drag and friction, and the Blade Stabilizer; which keeps the blades at the optimal distance apart.

With five blades, Fusion ProShield lubricating strip, and Flexball Technology, this is one hard hitting razor.  You get a bonus trimmer blade that is a neat touch.  It is housed within a comb guard so that you can trim down longer hairs, something previously unseen this razor market.  Now you can shave with a week old beard and not whip out an expensive electric beard trimmer first. The real winner is the enhanced Lubrastrip infused with mineral oils and lubricating polymers, which not only soothe your skin but allow for a smoother glide and fewer passes.

The Male Standard Verdict

Gillette rebuilt shaving in 2014 with the introduction of the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, and has now changed the face of cartridge technology with the Fusion ProShield. More than 25 million men have made the switch to FlexBall, and together with Fusion ProShield, the shave experience has gotten even better with Gillette’s most advanced razor. They took an already industry leading razor and pushed it to the next level.

The attention to detail is phenomenal, and all those years of research and development have paid off.  The new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor with Flexball technology delivers a smooth shave with no dragging or tugging.  The handle is supremely comfortable.  The Fusion ProShield is noticeable throughout the shave, and the results shine after; there really is no irritation.  Just a truly close shave in a faster time to boot.  As you can tell, we are thrilled with the results and genuinely can’t wait for you to try this one out for yourself!

New Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor — Behind the Razor

Gillette Fusion ProShield razors will be available for mass purchase through Gillette Shave Club and other retail stores starting in late January 2016 for a suggested retail price of $9.49. Four pack replacement cartridges will also be available for a suggested retail price of $22.49.   This means the suggested MSRP for Fusion ProShield cartridges is the same as that of the most advanced Fusion ProGlide cartridges currently on shelves; so there is not excuse not to treat yourself to an upgrade!

A limited number of pre-seed packs Gillette Fusion ProShield will be available for purchase at and at select retailers throughout the United States starting on December 21, 2015.  To #OwnTheFlexball, visit