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New Dads — Share a Baby Friendly Tipple With a Flipple

A grandma-preur who solved an emergency situation with her invention and is now bringing it to market herself. Her long term goal is to provide top quality products that caregivers will trust, value and need. Meet Linda Lewis. It all began one afternoon while boating with her kids and grandson. Long into the trip it was discovered that the baby bottles were left behind with no place to buy new.

New Dads — Share a “Baby Tipple” With a “Flipple”

Formula was added to bottled water, but he, and everything around him, became a sticky mess as he tried to sip. This situation needed a fix. It started with cutting and gluing until a workable prototype was available. Flipple was born! It is a funnel shaped adaptor with threads that allows it to screw onto bottled water so a nipple can be added; thus, turning bottled water into a baby bottle or sippy bottle.

New Dads — Share a “Baby Tipple” With a “Flipple”

With two kids in college, the risky decision was made to quit her dead-end job of 30 years and fulfill the dream of bringing her invention to market. Sacrifices began immediate as money was needed and included liquidation of her beloved boat, house and most all assets with value. Today Flipple is in over 1500 well-know stores such as Buy Buy Baby, One Step Ahead, Winn-Dixie, Schnucks Grocery plus many independent shops nationwide.

New Dads — Share a “Baby Tipple” With a “Flipple”

Flipple make “on-the-go” easy for caregivers and new dads by providing unchallenged, top quality feeding products that simplifies life; offers safe, fast and convenient solutions come feeding/hydration time and an affordable, expanding product line that grows with your baby’s needs. Don’t gauge your outing by the number of baby bottles you carry! Gauge it on how much fun you are having.

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