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New Balance Releases “Grand Tourer” Limited Edition Sneaker

The latest in high-concept footwear comes to us from New Balance, who’s partnering with Concepts, a lifestyle brand and sneaker boutique. The result is a limited edition shoe that pays homage to auto races and all that they entail.

The name of the concept shoe is Concepts x New Balance 998 Grand Tourer.  It made its debut on Saturday, the day after Christmas.  Seemingly: you put the shoes on and go look at classic cars. But you can probably wear them when not looking at cars and not racing cars or doing anything with cars. It’s really up to you. You’re the one who paid $215 for them.

Anyhoo, if you know a lot about cars, you’ll know that a grand tourer is a versatile, big ole car full of short sprints and long-distance performance alike. So if you’ve got some sort of long run or walk, like to the next town over, this shoe is for you.

It’s not without a premium pig suede upper and perforated suede details. The color palette is sea green, off-white, gray and green, taken from European road maps and race stickers. If you weren’t reading this, how the heck would you know that? You’re very welcome.

Anyway, it’s part of the Made in USA collection, using domestic materials.

New Balance and Concepts are celebrating 20 years of collaboration.