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Need a Break From Poker? Here Are Some Gambling Alternatives

Online poker may be your go-to gambling game of choice but if you’re like some who play it day after day, all day, you’ll start to feel a little jaded. Over time, like with anything in excess, you’re not having as much fun as you used to, which is why it’s worthwhile to change it up and try something new. There are other gambling alternatives out there. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of them through friends or doing a general search, but consider this post a reminder of the fun (and money) that can be had if you’re feeling up for something different.

Here are the some gambling alternatives I recommend:

Skill Games

Know those flash-based websites that have all kinds of online games? Well, there are real gambling sites that have these, too.

You’ll get a choice in a variety of skill games, like:

  • Bejeweled-like games
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Yhatzee-like games
  • Mahjong
  • Solitaire

These are all pretty basic games you’re likely to already know just from growing up and playing games. A lot of the sites operating these games will have point-based systems, which can be redeemed for payouts. They also have stat tracking and other membership benefits like contests.


Ah bingo. Not just for your grandparents. Bingo is fun because it gives you an emotional rollercoaster ride but doesn’t have you fuming with anger from losing, as in poker. You sit back, hope your numbers are called, get excited when you’re close, and if you do get them you get to shout BINGO! What’s cool is that you can play bingo online for money. The rules and play style may vary depending on which site you use, but the concept is the same with the exception that it’s all virtual (but you knew that). A lot of these sites have fairly large communities, so you’re bound to have fun and make a few bucks rather than needing to be cut-throat at all times like in poker.


Like sports? Sure ya do! There are all kinds of sports to choose from, whether it’s baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, soccer, and more. If you like sports then you’re going to find a gambling site that’ll take bets. The great thing about sportsbook websites is that you can kick back on the couch with laptop sitting on the coffee table, place a few bets, and enjoy the game. If you know your teams then you can turn this bit of relaxation into a nice side earner when you’re not doing poker. Gizmodo has a great article on how to get into betting on sports online.


Wait … Forex? Certainly! Technically we can call this gambling because you are playing with your money in the foreign exchange market. Here you’re basically playing into the exchange rates between currencies. This is all happening online so since you’re already into poker you should be able to wrap your head around the concept. Though, you should certainly learn a bit more about Forex before you dive in head first. So why even bother adding this one to the list? Well, if you’re already making money then you can see this as a way to leverage your earnings kind of like investing into stock. It’ll diversify the portfolio so you’re not at the will of big swings that come off certain played hands.

Poker is certainly fun and competitive but sometimes you need to take a load off and relax. I know you feel like you’ll miss out on money if you’re not playing but do realize there are other games that will pay, too. Give ‘em a shot.