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Our Top 5 Favorite Fitness Gear Picks of 2020

If you think it’s just the girls who are bringing sexy back to the gym, think again. The whole point of going to the gym is to look and feel your absolute best. How you dress and groom sets the tone of what you will achieve during your workout and beyond. If you feel confident and prepared walking in, you will be more likely to stick around, ask for help, and hit new personal bests. Don’t underestimate the power of these awesome gym essentials. These are your secret weapons!

Keep reading to find out our favorite fitness gear of 2016. You should also check out what our friends at Men’s Health love for more great suggestions!

Our Favorite Sweats

Do You Even takes two iconic fitness references and turns them into high fashion. If you love the classic look of Nike, teamed the audacity of gym memes, you will love this company. Steer your style away from bland, generic, and even gray sweats and tune into the likes of Camo, hot colors, and bold prints. Plus, you get tons of built-in support, both literal and added; from wicking technology, to non-fleece thermo-insulated, to pockets that don’t distract, Do You Even thinks of it all.

Our Favorite Shower Gel

If you’re using the same shower gel at the gym as you use at home, stop! We have an upgrade that will totally change your game. Titan offers an antibacterial and anti-fungal shower gel that washes your body and hair in one fail swoop. This unique blend tackles existing fungal problems (common in gyms) and then prevents them from striking. All you have to do is lather up, wait a few minutes and rinse off; this formula won’t dry out your skin either.

Our Favorite Fitness Watch

If you want to take your fitness goals seriously in 2016, a fitness watch should be at the top of your wish list. These awesome gadgets have come a long way in a short time. From tracking your calories, to heart rates, these watches keep an eye on your stats, so you don’t have too. There are tons to choose from on the market, but we love Fitbit Blaze. While it won’t break the mold for originality, if you’re looking for a reliable and accurate fitness tracker, this is it.


Our Favorite Gym Bag

Do You Even hops back on our favorite list with their new 2016 leather performance gym bag, available in black and white or red and white. It has just the right retro look with all the room you need to pack for the gym and is big enough for sports enthusiast too. The slogan on the side mocks Nike, with the kind of head-on attitude, and is 100% real leather. Plus, it has a neat cubby compartment for your shoes and jock straps, so they don’t stink out your main cabin.

Our Favorite Sneakers

An army marches on their feet, and so should you. One of the most important investments you can make for your fitness, aside from what you eat, is what you wear on your feet. For CrossFit training, we love Reeboks Men’s CrossFit sneakers. These low profile training shoes are supportive, comfortable, and affordable. Nike and Adidas also have fantastic options too. However, we reach for Reebok when we want to train hard. They won’t wear down quickly.

Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite fitness gear of 2016!