MTV’s Camila Nakagawa Tells YOU How To Approach A Hot Babe

We spoke to Camila Nakagawa, noted hot babe and star of MTV’s “The Challenge,” and asked her 17 questions to make sure your approach with the ladies is ready for summer.

As dudes, we hear all the time that confidence is the most attractive thing to a lady. Is that true? Or, is it just a nebulous smokescreen chicks throw up because women have no idea what they actually want?

Yes. I have a very strong personality so confidence in a man is not only attractive to me, but a must. A guy who knows how and WHEN to take charge is very attractive to me. Body type, hair color, skin color, none of that matters to me to be honest, it’s all about how you carry yourself and how much in touch a guy is with his inner being. I love a guy that is confident enough to laugh at the silly things and that is not afraid to act silly or to speak his mind because he is confident enough in himself to do so. I also think a good confident guy can really help bring out the confidence in the people around him and I think that’s a very special trait to have.

If I’m going to approach you for conversation, what do I have to have? Killer abs? An expensive watch? All of my teeth?

Ha, none of those. I want to see a smile and I want you to look me in the eyes and be genuine. I hate guys that approach girls with no purpose other than to pick her up. I want to feel that you’re actually interested to know more about me. And making me laugh can never hurt, you do that and you get me talking.

What does it take to convert the approach into an actual conversation? What immediately turns you off?

Don’t be boring. You got about 10 seconds to get me interested or to get me to give you the silent treatment (or more often than not, you’ll get ‘sorry but I’m not interested’). Don’t be sleazy. Be genuine. Be yourself. Have a sense of humor and ask questions. (But don’t just ask questions, ask questions you really want to know the answer to.) If you can make a girl feel like you are truly interested in her as a person not just in her as a sex toy, you should be able to get a conversation going . . . unless she is also boring, then you run away.

Is it possible to be over-confident to the point a girl won’t like it? Like, really? It seems as though over the top douchey/brosef style wins more than it loses.

I think it all comes back to sense of humor. if you’re able to be douchey and over confident but be gentle and genuine at the same time, you win. it shouldn’t be about you, remember you’re trying to talk to ME and get ME interested, so make me feel special and important first, THEN talk about yourself. but most importantly, you have to be honest. I know I keep saying this but it all goes back to BE YOURSELF, don’t try too hard to be too funny, or sound too smart, or too rich– OMG! I hate guys that try to use money and success as a stating point . . . BE HUMBLE and you win. I don’t care how much money you got. I want to know who YOU are first, and the rest will come about later.

Is there ever a time where the meek, quiet approach would ever work?

There’s a certain mystery about man who are quieter. I think it works quite well when you are not alone. if you got a chatty friend who won’t shut up and you’re quieter, I personally will most likely be intrigued by you. But then again, you have be yourself, and you have be confident. There’s a big difference between being a little shy, quiet and mysterious to just plain boring and lacking confidence. I personally wouldn’t find that attractive. But there is nothing wrong with someone who is more reserved and doesn’t talk out of his ass at all times. I personally like that.

Is a unibrow a deal breaker? A well-maintained one.

f*. Tough one. I mean, look at yourself in the mirror and if you think you would go out with yourself with that uni, then by all means get out there and flaunt that baby. Otherwise… get it fixed.

How often do you get approached by sleazy old rich dudes?

haha. A lot. I find it funny and more often than not I tell them to cut the act and sometimes we can even become friends and have a fun friendly conversation after I break the ice . . . and the sleaziness.

What does it take to get your phone number?

hmm. A good time and possibly some Jameson shots. ;P Nah . . . I don’t think it’s that serious. It’s just a phone number. If we have a good time, and I think there’s a chance that we can be friends regardless, I’ll give it out. If you become a stalker and annoying I simply don’t answer. The same way I can be friendly, I can be very cut and dry and never talk to you again. So, I don’t take it [giving my number out] that serious.

Have you ever hooked up with a dude that reached out to you via social media?

Never–I really believe in meeting people face to face and organically. At least so far, it’s never happened for me to get interested in someone online.

Does a guy have to have all his hair to step to you? If he doesn’t, does he have to be Jason Statham?

All about that confidence. It’s up to the baldie to make me love his baldness. 😉

Do guys overrate how much women value their abs?

Yes . . . But then again, a lot of women DO truly think that’s all that matters. It certainly can’t hurt, but if you got the abs and have nothing to say . . . instant turn off.

Chest hair; yay or nay?

Yay. Why not?

Soul Patch?

Don’t know what this is. haha

When a guy approaches you, what’s the first thing you look at?

Hands. I love a guy with manly hands.

As far as men’s grooming, is there one thing you see guys doing that is the ultimate turnoff?

I LOVE beards . . . but mustaches . . . no way José. (Get it? José . . . mustache . . .)

What is the best pickup line you’ve ever heard? Conversely, what is the absolute worst?

I really don’t keep track, but I do love when guys instantly mention that I look like I’m from a different country. It’s such a unique approach.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot does a dude need to be for you to even consider dating/hanging out with said dude? Would you ever date less than a 7?

I love me a good time. Looks don’t mean everything. I think there’s a difference between a ‘good looking’ guy and a guy who ‘takes care of himself and his body’. I’m a very active person, so I tend to get attracted to guys who seem like they enjoy being outdoors and someone who’s active. And, tall guys. I’m 5’2 so for some reason I have a weak spot for a tall man, they make me feel so tiny and fragile, unlike the person that everyone sees me as, this tough girl who is always strong. I like to be taken care of as well so if you can make me feel this way that’s way more important than looks.