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Ms. Pac-Man was Just the Start: The Female Gaming Demographic

Only a few years ago, hobbies like yoga represented a domain of women while hobbies like video games represented a domain of men. When you’re out looking to strike up a conversation with a geeky-looking lady today, however, odds are good that you can find common ground over a shared love of gaming. The Entertainment Software Association reports 45 percent of all self-described gamers are female, and women over 18 represent more gamers than boys aged 17 or younger. How have women changed the gaming world, and how can you capitalize on it?

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Social Gaming

If you value your sanity, you’ve long since hidden posts in your Facebook newsfeed whenever a friend or family member gets a new batch of chickens in “FarmVille.” Maybe you never use social media for anything but chatting and stalking an ex or three, but the Social Times reports that more women use Facebook for playing games than their male counterparts. Social media represents a risky topic of conversation for some men — nobody wants to come off like they spend too much time with virtual friends — but discussing games like “Bejeweled Blitz” gives you an easy in.

Wii U For U And Mii

Men flock to consoles like moths to a flame, but women have proven less interested in gaming on televisions than their husbands, boyfriends, brothers and sons. There’s one exception, however: Nintendo. Constant Contact reports 80 percent of female console gamers prefer the Wii or the Wii U as their link to the digital world, with only single-digit numbers choosing the Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Women may not appreciate a quality first-person shooting game like men do, but if you want to get your girlfriend into the hobby, a Nintendo Wii platform represents your best bet at bridging the gap.

Mobile Platforms

If you feel like your girlfriend cannot come unglued from her smart phone or her iPad, odds are good you have a point. O2 reports that we spend more time on our mobiles than we do talking with our partners, at nearly two hours per day. Instead of getting riled up about your girl’s mobile use, try to see the positives in it. Mobile gaming has taken off as game developers realize the potential of producing inexpensive games for a large market. You can find flash games online like “Jewel Quest” that have mobile compatibility and can be played for free. While you’re there, find out about the newest and most popular e-games you can introduce your sweetheart to.

PC Gaming For Women

Women can become as introverted as any man, but a preference for gaming with friends and online acquaintances makes some women drawn to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games with much more interaction than single-player titles. Your girlfriend may not exactly look like Mila Kunis, who plays “World of Warcraft” in her underwear, as she stated in a radio interview on Mix 104.1, but MMOs can be a great way to get more interested in games with a high difficulty rate and greater time commitment. Many are free-to-play, furthermore, and have an active community of participants.