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How to Grow a Movember Moustache

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  If you are looking for a way to show gratitude, then consider donating to Movember; a charity foundation that raises awareness and funds for men’s health.  Fundraising takes place during the month of November and asks that men participate in growing their moustaches to start a conversation about men’s health topics or to raise funds.  From prostate cancer to depression, Movember seeks to support all men who are facing a health crisis.  With more than 44,000 men expected to die from skin cancer alone this year, it is never too late to raise awareness or support.

How to Grow a Movember Moustache

If you typically wear your face clean shaves then Movember can be an exciting experience.   A moustache is a proud exclamation mark that attracts attention and demands confidence.  It can be a personal adventure for men who are new to facial hair.  Unlike a beard, a moustache must be trimmed and styled, but don’t let that put you off.  Below are some quick tips on how to grow the perfect moustache for Movember.  All that is left is to create a profile or start a team, and get to growing!

How to Grow a Movember Moustache

Patience:  The first step in Movember is to be patient and to prep.  For the first week or two, you will be growing in the shadow hair to fill in your moustache.  During this time, we recommend using a moisturizing treatment to soften the hair growth and to reduce itching or irritation.  Apply a few dots of moustache or beard oil to your face each morning and night to hydrate the skin.  As you are committing to the month, this is a great time to start a skin care regime.

Trimming:  As your new hair grows in, you will want to trim it into shape.  Otherwise, you will end up with a beard.  To shape your new moustache, it is best to shave around the area to clear away the majority of the hair.  Then, take an edging razor and start to move closer to where you want the sides of your moustache to end.  You should always allow more room to shave so if you end up with an uneven shape you can make corrections.

Thickening:  The final step in rocking a moustache is to grow thicker hair.  No one wants a thin line across their face.  So incorporating a quality beard oil acts two-fold.  Look for a beard oil that contains vitamins and minerals to feed your facial hair.  You should also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Supplements such as brewers yeast can also help increase hair growth.  By the end of Movember, you should have a fairly substantial growth, so be sure to trim it regularly!

Lennox Supports Movember

Our friends at Lennox are supporting Movember this year.  They’ve created the #LennoxMovember campaign. For every share they get on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram during the month of November 2015, they will donate $2 on your behalf.  They have tons of fantastic advice for guys, and just by sharing, you will be helping men two-fold.  First, you will be sharing preventative information on men’s health that can save lives, and secondly, your share will be matched with a donation to the Movember foundation.

If you don’t want to grow a moustache, donating to #LennoxMovember is an easy workaround that still deserves respect!