Mott & Bow was founded for the nonconformist, he who wants superior quality at a bold price, but why do premium jeans cost $200? Because the few companies that truly understand denim were conceived before e-commerce was widely adopted. These old brands go through multiple sales layers for their product to reach the final consumer (resulting in the consumer massively overpaying for the product). Using the finest denim fabrics from the best mills in the world and applying the manually intensive artistic processes in the laundry, Mott & Bow transform the world of denim and make it look effortless. Their design philosophy is simplicity. With a 32-year denim heritage, their experience is second to none, and they decided to start Mott & Bow to bring premium jeans directly to you at $96.


Mott & Bow: Denim Science for Men 

The finishing process, both dry and wet, separates experts from novice denim makers. Much of the cost of a premium jean is attributed to the amount of artistic labor intensity in the finishing process. After sewing, each jean is an empty canvas ready to be worked on. At Mott & Bow, with their +30 year denim expertise, they handcraft every detail of your jean and make it look natural.


Mott & Bow: Denim Science for Men by Alejandro Chahin


The inspiration of the brand comes from the streets of New York City. As a tribute, Mott & Bow are naming each denim fabric we offer with a street from NYC that has a special meaning to them.  Check out their website to learn why they chose Mosco, Bleecker, and Bedford as their fabric names.


Mott & Bow: Denim Science for Men by Alejandro Chahin
Mott & Bow: Denim Science for Men by Alejandro Chahin


To learn more about the art of jean making, follow Mott & Bow on FacebookInstagram, and/or Tumblr.


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  1. I would really like to try the jeans. The only problem is, they do not carry my size, 36×30. I am not one to roll my jeans unless I’m walking a beach or river bank.

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