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Mission Clothing Are On A Mission To Deliver Ecclectic & American Made Apparel

Mission Clothing was established in 1997. It was founded by Frank Ady. Frank migrated to the USA at the age of 19. At the age of 36, he decided to make his vision a reality, to one day live the American Dream. It was always his passion to create his own brand and become a fashion designer. In 1997, Mission opened in the heart of the fashion district, in Los Angeles. Mission Clothing has been a men’s only brand, but have now have expanded and created a women’s line this year. All Mission Clothing products are made in the USA, specifically Los Angeles.


Mission Clothing are one of few domestic manufactures, and want to inspire others to keep the business in the United States. Mission manufactures a variety of products such as shirts, knits, tanks, sweaters, and many other specialized products. Mission Clothing cut and sew all products from scratch, and are always creating new and unique fashion trends — never before seen. Mission put their heart and energy in each design they make. They are completely different than any other brand because of their high quality fashionable fabrics and creative designs. From the years 2001-2007, Mission created the most eccentric printed shirts, with its outrageously wicked cool prints, to memorable artistic designs. Mission Clothing has been blessed to have many celebrities wear their clothing since. They have also been attending the Magic Show since 2001.

Men’s Sweater in Brown

This is a stylish men sweater with pleather applique

Mission is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. On a Mission to create the most fashionable styles for their fans and also to give back to the world by donating $1 for every shirt sold from their online store. Mission appreciate all their fans and hope you join their Mission.

About Mission Clothing

Mission Clothing was established in 1997 in Los Angeles, California. Almost 20 years later, Mission is still striving to create its own unique brand of fashion. Their products are made in Downtown LA, reflecting the city’s rich ethnic, cultural and lifestyle diversity. Mission is always creating new fashion trends every season, from our stylish knits, tee shirts, hoodies, wicked cool prints and much more. The ‘mission’ is simple: continue creating the most fashionable designs and making a name as one of the leaders in today’s fashion industry.

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