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MHM Launches Switch 24 — A Luxury Outdoor Backpack For Every Enviroment

Well well well, would you look at this? After the overwhelming popularity of our Salute 34, we’re expanding on our Snake-Loader™ design…It really gets the people going! With the Switch, you get all the versatility that you love about the Salute 34, just in a smaller and lighter 24-liter version. It all starts with that famous s-shaped zipper that goes through every panel of the pack making access to your gear easier than anything you’ve ever used. This zipper also allows the pack to open up flat into a mat that you can organize gear, coil rope, change a baby, or enjoy a lovely picnic on. Who knows?? There are so many possibilities, we’re not here to judge how you use your Snake-Loader™ system, do with it what you will.

To compliment all that zipper access the Switch also offers great organization and pocket options. With 9 pockets, including a large zippered front pocket, you can stash and organize things for days. We’ve never heard anyone say they don’t enjoy a comfort, so we added great carrying features like an HDPE frame sheet, angle adjustable hip belt and perforated foam. If you’re one of those saps that has a job or goes to school then you’ll appreciate the fact that the hip belt is easily removable so when you’re done being a hero in the hills you can gallivant around the urban jungle with your working things and not look like a turd. The Switch 24 is an all-around pack that can adapt to any environment and make you look super awesome.

About MHM Gear

MHM Gear is a luxury outdoor backpack company fit for any and every environment. Formulated by lovers of all things outdoors, Jeff and Casey, the company is based on the idea of quality and the refusal to settle. They believe that backpacks are one of the single most important items people use; whether one is trekking through the woods or going to work and school, people need an efficient way to carry their belongings without having to balance it on their heads or strain their backs. Additionally, The term “corporate” does not apply to MHM and it never will. They are a couple of guys, just like you, who love being outside doing what they love. Spending time on the trail and talking to people directly about what they want in a backpack is what inspires their designs. Our packs do not follow a traditional path either, as they bring a new and fresh perspective to the pack world. Using only the best fabrics and an over-obsessive attention to detail has produced what is believed to be the best packs out there. The quality, unique features and compartmentalized design are like nothing else.

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