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Men’s Winter Fashion Tips for 2013/2014

With the crisp fall air quickly transitioning into the icy chill of winter in many parts of the country, now is as good a time as ever for fashion-forward men to start thinking about ways in which they can take their looks to the next level this season. Dressing seasonally is not only a great way to have fun with fashion, but it can help you to be taken more seriously. After all, understanding how to dress well is a major part of adulthood and should never be ignored. The cold weather of winter is the perfect springboard for men who are looking to improve upon the way they currently dress, especially given all the new pieces that are hitting shelves right now. Take these tips to heart, and you’ll no doubt get a handful of compliments the next time you walk out your door.

Go with a Class Winter Hat

When the cold winds start blowing, you’ve got to have something to protect your head and ears. A lot of guys are quick to jump on the ski hat bandwagon, but this isn’t going to do your fashion sense any favors. Stay away from the stereotypical “winter hat” unless you’ve got plans to cruise down a mountain all day, as pom-poms, earmuffs and other accouterments will do nothing but make you look childish.

Instead, go with a classic hit like a bowler, fedora or newsboy cap (shown above), all of which will keep your head warm while complimenting the rest of your appearance. Black, charcoal, basic grey and brown are all options – stay away from bold-colored hats. Take material into consideration as well. If you’re in a climate that sees a lot of snow, make sure your hat is made out of materials that can handle moisture – cotton is always a safe bet.

Embrace Formal Wear

Even on the coldest of days, you’re still going to attend a formal event if you’re expected to be there. The good thing about all of this is that formal wear can be very attractive in the winter if you take the right approach. Start by putting together your tux. Always work with a tailor who can ensure that the cut of your tux is a solid mix between modern and classic, and don’t hesitate to go with an interesting color like midnight blue.

Once you’ve got the basics of your ensemble put together, it’s all about accessorizing. Black leather gloves can look great with this type of outfit, as can silk bow ties for men. Just be sure that all of your pieces match one another, as clashing is one of the worst possible scenarios you can encounter when preparing a black tie ensemble.

Wear Complimentary Layers

Layering is an essential part of staying warm throughout the winter, yet a lot of men go about doing so incorrectly. The goal with layering is to choose pieces that are thin enough to be combined with one another, yet each serves its own role. A t-shirt can be covered with a turtleneck, for example, which can then go underneath a vest and finally a jacket. Each piece should compliment one another both in terms of color and material, as once you start cobbling together a variety of different ensemble elements, the risk of clashing only gets larger.

Be careful not to wear too many layers, also. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a situation where you’re overly hot, and you never know whether or not you’ll be in a position where you can shed a layer or two. Dressing for success this winter is all about taking the time to understand your style and sticking to it. If you pay attention to the clothes you put on your back, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in them.