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Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Choose the Right Cologne

Cologne is today considered a fashion statement and many men are buying into them. They are ideal for the workplace, a party, and should never be left out on a date. Essentially, colognes set you apart from the crowd while attracting the fairer sex towards you. However, most men have a hard time choosing the right fragrance. So, what can you do to enhance your chances of finding the right cologne? The choice of cologne is purely a personal issue. This is because you choose a scent that appeals to you. It is a way of conveying your taste to the world. Men buy cologne for different reasons, but it is rather obvious that most do it for the ladies. Therefore, when buying, tag a lady along with you. This should be one you consider stylish and of good taste. However, no matter her advice, do not settle for one you find unappealing or too strong. Buy one that both of you agree on.

Types Of Cologne

Men’s fragrances come in three types: the spicy fragrance that is indicative of masculinity, the clean and sophisticated fragrance and lastly, the energetic citrus. These are three different ways to find out the most suitable men style for you. For special occasions, you can pair the colognes, but be careful not to mix scents that are too far apart. Today, most of the products we buy have some fragrance mixed in, be it bathing soaps, aftershaves or deodorants. Though mild, these leave a trail behind. The mix of these products results in an undesirable outcome.

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In this case therefore, it is advisable to use products that have closely related scents. The cologne therefore should be slightly stronger than these products combined to make sure it stands apart. Wear just enough as an excess of it will repel people, no matter how sweet-smelling it is. Have different cologne for each season. Use lighter scents in winter and stronger ones in summer. Colognes are applied directly on the skin and therefore do a test on the skin before investing into expensive cologne. Avoid using colognes belonging to other men. Besides the fact that their tastes may be nothing close to yours, the contents may irritate your skin.

Finding a Reputable Seller

The market has been infiltrated by many manufacturers who sell counterfeit products. Sadly, colognes are high on the list of possible counterfeits. Therefore, to avoid buying fake designer cologne, only buy from reputable dealers. It may be expensive, but it will give you an assured quality product. It is advisable also that you buy after proper evaluation has been done.

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Most dealers mix the product with a cheaper liquid to sell more of it! The cologne you eventually choose should suit your senses, your lifestyle and dressing patterns. A spicy fragrance may not blend well with neutral shaded outfits, the same way a clean and sophisticated one won’t work for a jeans and t-shirts’ kind of guy! Learn your sense of men style and your personality! Only then will you be able to buy the right cologne for yourself.

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