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Men’s Fall Fashion: Six Essential Items That Every Man Needs In His Closet

The new season means updating your closet with new styles. For this fall season, there are six essential pieces that every man should have as part of his wardrobe:

Pea Coat

Once made famous by the Navy, pea coats are a classic fashion staple between both sexes. This season, men do not have to stick to the typical blue hue and can opt for a camel or hunter green colored pea coat. This type of coat provides an effortless fall fashion look, and it never goes out of style.


Besides keeping your neck warm, scarves are a great way to pull an autumn look together. Scarves look perfect draped around a tailored pea coat too. When purchasing a scarf, men should invest in one that is made from high quality fabrics in order to last through many more fall and winter seasons. Scarves that are made from cheaper fabrics can start to look ragged after only a few wears.


Denim is another classic staple this fall season for men. Denim is another item worth the investment since nothing is better then the perfect fitted pair of jeans. Denim should fit properly, and they usually need to be taken to a tailor for a hem. Selvedge denim is a great look for dressing up jeans for any occasion. Another popular style of denim to look out for this season is Japanese Denim.


A watch is a classic accessory piece that should adorn the wrists of all men. Watches have transcended through decades of fashion and will always be a classic staple. Watches with thick, textured bands are a popular fall fashion, and can be switched out for different looks.


Sweaters will always have a spot in fall closets since they combat against the autumn chill. This season is all about sweaters made from high quality fabrics. Though they can be pricey, cashmere sweaters are a fall must have this season and will keep you looking stylish when the weather cools down.


A suit comes in handy on many occasions and it is an essential item in every man’s wardrobe this season. The key to a great suit is making sure it fits properly. For men who haven’t worn their suit in a while, now is the time to see if it still fits, and if not, invest in a new one. It is best to stick to classic colors and be cautious when opting for pinstripes and bright colors.

These are not only essential pieces for this season, but they can be carried out for many seasons to come. These six items are sure to keep you in style this season. Try something different this fall and stick to a theme that fits you best.

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