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Men’s Accessories From David Yurman: Classic Pieces That Flaunt Style

All that glitters isn’t gold and just because something shimmers, doesn’t mean it’s only for women. Although most men would probably be quick to deny their love for shiny things, there are those who don’t mind flaunting those classic pieces that show shining, shimmering, and splendid is not just for the opposite sex. Here are several accessories that stylish men don’t mind wearing.

Classic® Black 46mm Chronograph

Time is gold and for the man who doesn’t want to waste a minute of his time, a watch is the perfect accessory to remind him that every second counts. The all-black look is a popular trend for men’s watches, which may look a little somber but also has an air of coolness that guys like. All black means everything is black from the strap to the face and even the hands and dial.

Images from David Yurman

Another cool choice is a having some silver elements thrown in with the black leather strap and black face, balancing the formal flair with an understated elegance. For men who prefer a more casual style, brown face on brown strap looks great without being too formal looking. To go even more casual, watches with tan-colored straps will go with their everyday no-fuss look.

Maritime™ Cuff Links, Pave Black Diamond

Wearing cuff links is often associated with coming of age. A young man often wears his first pair during prom night or when attending a wedding where he is a groomsman. Those who wear cuff links for the first time on their wedding day are considered late bloomers. Aside from the symbolism of becoming a man, wearing a pair of cuff links can also make or break your look. It may only be piece of accessory, but it is the first thing that people can notice about you. It tells a lot about your style and can add just the right pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit.

Images from David Yurman

The style of cuff links you choose will also reflect your attitude. Understated metal cuff links–the handcrafted ones–give off this air of tasteful elegance while the overly flashy ones spell nouveau riche. Creative people like to put their own spin on cuff links and explore designs that showcase their creativity. These unorthodox designs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if they catch your eye then they would have served their purpose!

Royal Cord Tie Bar

A tie bar, or a tie clip or slide, is an accessory for men that had its beginnings probably around the start of the 20th century. It was considered necktie jewelry but today it is the practical yet fashionable solution to prevent men’s ties from swaying away from their bodies.  Just like the cuff links, the tie bar functions as a trendy accessory, adding a dash of personality when wearing a formal black suit with tie. The cuff links and tie bar also work together as complements and depending on how you choose to accessorize, their addition to your outfit has this subtle way of putting your look together and making you feel like a million bucks.

Images from David Yurman

When it comes to accessories, always practice some restraint and choose one or two key style pieces instead of lumping them all together in one go. Wearing a huge ring and a big watch along with other flashy pieces will look tacky not classy. A subtle style using just a couple of classic pieces is better for understated elegance, without going overboard.

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