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Melo and Rosenberg kick off Foot Locker’s 5th Week of Greatness

On Tuesday night, DJ Rosenberg of Hot 97 and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks previewed the ads for Foot Locker’s 5th annual Week of Greatness at the Aula in New York City. DJ Cipha Sounds was also in attendance, there to provide hot tracks alongside the hot sneakers on display.

The Week of Greatness is an annual, week long event where Foot Locker drops some of the hottest shoe releases of the year throughout the week. Foot Locker’s advertising for the Week of Greatness is always guaranteed to bring a few laughs, and this year it seems the ads are funnier than ever.

Featuring cameos from the likes of Kyrie Irving, Ja Rule, Carmelo Anthony, Tom Brady, and a few other athletes and celebrities, the star-studded commercials talk about what the Week of Greatness is all about in a humorous manner.

At the event itself, Foot Locker previewed some of the sneakers set to release throughout the Week of Greatness, featuring brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Jordan. The crowd was no stranger to hyped sneakers, and it seemed like everyone in attendance had some form of heat on their feet. One of the highlights of the night was a setup where attendees could listen to the story of a few select sneakers, narrated by famous sneaker bloggers and celebrities who have a love for what’s on their feet. With interesting attractions, drinks, food, and hot sneakers, the Week of Greatness could not have been kicked off with a better event.–yt0D1Kg4