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Male Standard Reviews the New Lenovo 3 #Intel2in1

In this day and age, technology feels like a handful. Between smartphones, laptops, tablets, and watches, knowing which is best for you is tough, and if you could only pick one, which could you live without? Well, what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? With the new Lenovo 3, grabbing a slice of the tech pie just got a whole lot easier, and more exciting! From streaming games with your buddies to clocking out of the office and into your tablet with a shift mode, the Lenovo 3 is pushing the limit on what your tech can do for you!

Male Standard Tests the New Lenovo 3 #Intel2in1

The Lenovo 3 is a thing of beauty, and we’re sure minimalists will agree. Out of the box, you’ll realize this isn’t your Momma’s laptop. It’s sleek, sexy, and sports some genuinely stylish details; it doesn’t feel cheap or tacky in trying to be something other than the usual plain black box. It’s also incredibly thin and extremely light; so light you won’t believe it can perform the way it does as a full laptop, much less as an awesome tablet for on the go. It’s also packed with dozens of smart features that rock.

To find out more about how the Lenovo 3 is changing the landscape of what it means to be mobile, Male Standard took the new Intel 2in1 Leveno 3 for a test drive!

Introducing the New Lenovo 3

Right off the bat, we liked that the Lenovo 3 knew which mode you are in so that it adjusts the screen to suit your view. In the laptop you can experience the full weight of Windows 10 (which comes free with the Lenovo 3), but as a tablet, you don’t feel like you are losing any juice thanks to it’s smart layout. It starts fast and keep delivering, even when you’re streaming online. We did our Fantasy Football draft picks and loved that it had the power of a laptop in the tablet mode  it really is seamless!

Male Standard Tests the New Lenovo 3 #Intel2in1

To get more out of the experience, the Lenovo 3 features Cortana. This is a virtual assistant, like Siri is for Apple, and helps you to find what you are looking for. In a Google obsessed world, having Cortana quickly becomes addictive. Cortana is voice activated and knows when you need to find information, so if you are busy, you can call out for help and it’ll arrive. This was perfect when we were looking for new style ideas to blog about!

As the Lenovo 3 is a laptop and a tablet, we found that it transitions from work to play seamlessly. At work, we loved being able to access popular Apps like Evernote, Kindle Reader, and Pandora, in a fully mobile environment. Unlike traditional laptops that feel stagnant or limited, the Lenovo 3 breathes life into Apps. For play, we spent countless hours on the ESPN Fantasy App, watching movies on Netflix and YouTube, and playing on social media. All of which were flawless.

Downloading the New Windows 10

As you might know, Windows 10 recently launched. This brand new operating system is free to download with your Lenovo 3. What sets Windows 10 apart is how it uses technology to pair with devices that jump the user experience seamlessly into the future. Whether you’re using a laptop or tablet or combination, Windows 10 gives the user access to Microsoft Office, Apps, gaming, and more. Just a few of the highlights include streaming for gamers, Cortana (a virtual assistant), and an Action Centre to pick up notifications!

Male Standard Tests the New Lenovo 3 #Intel2in1

For those of you who are worried about upgrading, Windows 10 has a great balance of old & new. While there’s a ton of new features like the Virtual Desktops (where you organize different desktops to create new workflows), there’s also everything you love about previous Windows, but just better. We love that you recover the Start Menu and that Windows is now faster, safer, and more compatible than ever; and switching from tablet to laptop is great for when you’re on the go.

Downloading is easy:

  • Backup your device (new users can skip this step)
  • Visit Windows 10 and click Get Started, under Upgrade
  • You can skip to downloading by clicking here
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • Voila! You are done!

Whether you’re a professional, stay at home dad, student or are just looking to consolidate all your gadgets into one amazing experience the Lenovo 3 has a lot to offer. We highly recommend the Lenovo 3 for those who are looking for comfort, cutting-edge technology and who appreciate creativity. The Lenovo 3 is not your typical device, but it’s not for typical people. We had no trouble getting into the new laptop-tablet combo and think you’ll get why this is a game-changer too!

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