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Sonos Studio’s “Sonic Garden” Exhibition by Artist Mileece

If you are a certified music junkie or sound techie, you have probably attended a sound exhibition at Sonos Studio in LA.  For everyone else, prepare to have your mind blow!  Sonos Studio LA is an acoustically-designed gallery that explores the intersection of music, art and technology.  Think of it like an art gallery designed by your hipster grandparents who founded Pandora and Instagram with a techie twist.  Located at 145 North La Brea, Los Angeles, CA, we visited the Sonos Studio to check out the grand opening of their new sound exhibition “Sonic Garden” featuring Mileece, a sound and environmental installation artist.

We had no idea what to expect, and eagerly anticipated the night as we drove into LA (often an event unto itself).  What we found was a true gem that stood out in a vibrant city.  The Sonic Garden was one of those things your cooler friend is always posting about after the fact, an event that leaves you thinking, “So that’s where all the cool kids go!”  Literally, from the floors to the ceiling, every inch of space was customized to produce a total sensory experience.  The walls are tuned for acoustic ambiance, and for tonight, has been filled with real life plants as part of a live demonstration.

Sonic Garden

The Sonic Garden event saw Sonos Studio transformed into an ecological sanctuary where live plants empowered an immersive sonic experience through sensors that harnessed bio-electrical signals wired to the leaves of the plants.  Sonos Studio collaborated with an excellent resource, Mileece, a sound and environmental installation artist, who showcased a live performance on the opening night on how plants act as instruments to create harmonic symphonies.  Mileece has exhibited works globally for the Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Botanic Gardens in England.

Sonos Studio’s “Sonic Garden” Exhibition by Artist Mileece

“Nature and technology have often times been pitted against each other as opposing forces. However, at Sonos Studio LA, they come to together to form a melodic alliance.”

Inspired by the film, The Secret Life of Plants, Mileece transformed Sonos Studio into an ecological sanctuary where plants empower an immersive sonic experience through Sonos’ smart speakers.  Plants respond to all elements in their environment – even music and people.  The bioelectricity emitted by each plant reacts to the human touch, creating harmonic frequencies and ambient tones streamed through the Sonos Smart Speaker System.  To say we had never experienced anything like it is an understatement.  We lived every single moment, and walked away feeling renewed and refreshed!

The Sonos Studio

Located smack in the middle of LA, the year-old Sonos Studio is not a big room, and its shows, listening parties and interview sessions — featuring folks like Beck, The Lonely Island and Solange — often have lines around the block. But they’re worth queuing up for, as the events at the space are (a) free and (b) have free booze. And we’re not talking Gordon’s spirits but stuff like gourmet Screwdrivers made with Aranciata and Svedka. Th guests are an eclectic bunch, who arrive to see some of the cities most exciting acts.  You will see and hear the heartbeat of LA in this still secret joint!

Sonos Studio’s “Sonic Garden” Exhibition by Artist Mileece

The Sonos Studio will be launching exhibits into 2015/16, so be sure to check out their website and subscribe to their social media so you don’t miss these amazing events.  Public events are free and offer an open bar, making them essentially the best date night suggestion we can think of!  Suitable for casual outings, and even going alone, we can see Sonos Studio becoming an integral part of the arts culture in LA, and can’t wait to attend again.  Our thanks to Sonos for inviting us to their opening night, we wish you every success and many more memories to come!

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