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Male Brazilian Waxing – Male Intimate Waxing Treatments

Okay so you have plucked up the courage, and decided that it’s time to get your Manscaping carried out, mow the lawn, trim the bush, or perhaps your partner has booked your male intimate waxing appointment for you…either way I’m sure there are loads of questions that you want to ask and just don’t know where to begin, it may be your first ever waxing.

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These are some of the more popular questions that guys normally want to know…

Q. Does it hurt?

Yes, but not as much as you would expect. We are removing hair after all, but the procedure is quick, and using non strip waxes and good waxing techniques the procedure can be fairly painless. The therapist will keep the skin taut, and this will help in terms of the removal. Some clients take painkillers about 30 minutes before the treatment. On average the Brazilian waxing can be carried out in 30/40 minutes, if there is a bit of grooming or trimming required to begin with this can increase the time.

Q. What’s the difference in a male Brazilian and a male Hollywood wax?

It’s all in a name… Basically, the male Brazilian is where some of the pubic hair is left, and generally shaped, trimmed or waxed as the client requires, and the male Hollywood wax is when all the hair is removed. All male Brazilian or Hollywood waxing treatments allow the clients to have as much or as little hair removed, and usually include; groin area, speedo line, and the butt cheeks and the inside of the butt area. All therapists have different names for their treatments so just clarify what you want when you book and the therapist will name it!! Therapists with a flexible tariff will charge accordingly within that price range.

Q. Should I trim or shave my hair first?

No No No… Its best to let your therapist do that for you, as they will trim the hair to the best length which will ensure that the wax will grip the hair (too short and it will not grip) and that the hair will be short enough to make the waxing as comfortable as possible for the client. If you have had a close shave down there, then leave it for 4 weeks before you book a waxing appointment, as you will be wasting your money as it will probably be too short and stubbly, and you will not get a smooth finish…Don’t wax and then shave in between waxing, it takes forever to get it back on track…

Q. What happens if I get aroused during the waxing treatment?

Your therapist will be a professional and will ignore it. It often happens initially but usually as soon as the waxing process begins things tend to change, and things return to normal pretty quickly!!

Q. When will the hair grow back?

Generally most clients will get two weeks of nice smooth soft skin. If you decide that you are going to maintain your male Brazilian waxing then you really should have this done every 4-6 weeks , and the area will be smooth and hair free for the maximum time. Regular waxing, or maintenance waxing, is easier as the hair regrowth is finer and easier to remove. So if you want to be the smoothest peach on the beach then book your follow up appointments.

Q. Will I get Spots or Ingrown Hairs?

As with all hair removal how your look after the skin will make the difference…. Most therapists will provide their clients with some good aftercare advice and an aftercare pack just to get you started. Follow the guidelines and use the recommended products on your skin. It’s not rocket science guys it’s easy to follow, and your daily routine takes no longer than it does to brush your teeth!! So read the aftercare sheet, and STICK to it…

Q. What type of wax will you apply to this area?

Most therapists carry out all male intimate waxing procedures using the non strip waxing methods – basically a hot wax that looks like thick honey will be applied directly to the area, and as it sets it will grip the hair follicle, no pressure is required and no strips of paper need to be pressed into the wax, so it’s ideal for the sensitive and intimate areas. When you are looking for a therapist to carry out your intimate waxing, research the methods and wax types they use.. It’s a very sensitive and precious area!!

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