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Made With Love — Spenglish Señor Collection Is Style Conscious

Inspired with the intention of creating awareness to those who seek a nostalgic identity, SPENGLISH is defined as a contribution of ideas, feelings, and solutions to the modern world; a recipe of mindful creativity from a collective conscience. SPENGLISH’s mission is to solidify and replenish identity by using textual art and colorful sense of humor and to manifest values, ideas, and history in such a way that it ultimately becomes a fashion statement.

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Just like love + happiness = peace, Spanish + English = SPƎNGLISH. The union of two amazing forces results in the creation of a unique identity. To coexist while being able to nurture and accept one’s roots is SPƎNGLISH‘s ultimate purpose. To live a mindful life and practice being fully present, is SPƎNGLISH’s ultimate path.

I Heart LAtinas

Photo credit: Spenglish

SPENGLISH unites all cultures and welcomes their presence in the Universe; to guide and to support them in a more contemporary and bias-free lifestyle. The time has come to raise our voice and to rejoice its essence. We must radiate our energy through colors and messages reminding everybody that we are here now, and part of the solution. SPENGLISH uses 100% Premium Cotton with a very special double wash process so the fabric can feel silky smooth in your skin.


Photo credit: Spenglish

The garments are MADE with LOVE, treated by the hands of loving people that are environmentally conscious and know that this product will make you smile. You must also know that all SPENGLISH shirts are preshrunk so please don’t blame us if they feel tight after a few weeks of good use (wink).

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