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Look Sharp In A Casual World

If you think you have to get on your suit and tie every day to make a strong impression, think again! Moguls like Pharrell Williams prove that looking sharp in a casual world can command the attention of a room. With a few choices accessories and a quick style upgrade, you too can rock the causal look like a star. It’s all in how you pull this look together and what style statements you make. Being comfy is an option every guy should flaunt once in a while, just don’t rely on them every day.

Below are three straightforward tips that Male Standard suggests if you want to up your causal game and make a strong impression while dressing comfy – yes, it is possible to have it all!

Incorporate Exotic Leathers


A simple way to go from casual to couture is to invest in items that have elements of leather. From kicks to hats and jackets, adding an exotic texture to your ensemble creates interest; it will take you from drab to fab in no time. However, you should only add one accent piece to your outfit; this is a bold move. We love these bone white sneakers presented by Belvedere made with genuine ostrich vamp and gold crocodile hardware (shown above).

Upgrade Your Sunglasses


If you want star power then accessorize with style. Trade in gas station sunglasses for designer (and practical) eyewear that has polarized lenses and a sturdy frame. The upside to this fashion tip is that you can protect your eyes while looking a million bucks. Plus, you will be borrowing the kudos of a top brand name for a fraction of the price tag; sunglasses are an all round winner. Designer frames also tend to last longer and have a better fit. We love these sunglasses by Tom Ford (shown above) that go with any outfit!

Dress Up with a Hat


Hats are the cherry of the fashion world; they round off any outfit! Lend a stylish kick to your festival garb by dressing up in a hat. Try to stick with light fabrics and linen during summer to stay cool and keep things casual. Fedoras, pork pies, and cavalry hats will all reign in 2016, so be sure to pack one on your travels. You can fold these into your carry on. We love a classic linen sun hat for men, but be on the lookout for poachers. You never know when someone will want to grab yours.

While the days of Mad Men are firmly behind us, there is no reason you can’t step out of the house looking your best and feeling comfy as you do so.  A suit does not define a man; it’s all in how you carry yourself. Remember, dress for the details, and always go above the basic expectations, and you cannot go wrong.

For more ways to look sharp in a causal world, check out our fellow lifestyle bloggers at Men’s Health or share your top tips in the comments below!