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Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard — The Ultimate Hangover Remedy

Did you now, the root cause of a hangover is dehydration? The resulting symptoms of dehydration evoke that miserable feeling the morning after drinking (headache, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, the list goes on). Additionally, the residual effects of alcohol consumption trigger a series of chemical reactions leaving behind toxins in the body. Liquid I.V. is premium all natural hydration therapy. Based on Oral Rehydration therapy, the makers of Liquid I.V. have devised a precise ratio of hangover-busting electrolytes, glucose, and water that enter the bloodstream more rapidly than conventional water.

Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard

Liquid I.V. was specifically formulated to rehydrate the body as quickly and efficiently as possible, while simultaneously aiding the body’s natural process of eliminating unwanted toxins. As a result, Liquid I.V’s natural ingredients eliminate the miserable symptoms that come with dehydration, which is the root cause of a hangover.

Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard

Throughout rounds of formulation, testing, revisions, and more testing, the primary objective of Liquid I.V. was to create the most functional product possible. With this being said, taste was equally important, because taste and functionality go hand in hand. The makers knew that if Liquid I.V. tasted great, it would be easy to wake up and consume an entire serving.  The lemon-lime flavor is smooth and refreshing — you be the judge!

Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard

Mix one Liquid I.V. powder packet into 20 oz. of cold water. Even easier, use a reusable Liquid I.V. Bags™. Just pour the powder in the bottle and fill to the top with cold water for the optimal Liquid I.V. mix. Order a Hangover Party Pack or sign up for the monthly supply program and you’ll receive a FREE Liquid I.V. Bag!

Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard.

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