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LINDBERG’s $5,000 Solid Gold Sunglasses

If you have an extra five grand laying around and are in the business of looking for a new pair of sunglasses, boy do we have just the style for you! LINDBERG’s Precious Collection is made with 18 Ct solid gold, and has a considerable elite following: The Queen, Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, and the President of France. Some of the styles (such as the 8582) feature real gold mirrored lenses – offering more bling for your buck! These aviator sunglasses are kicking tail and taking names with a solid gold frame and 18K gold-coated lenses. LINDBERG is known for their use of high-quality and natural materials, but did you know that they even use ethically sourced materials? That is something we can all applaud!


This elegant collection is one of the most exclusive and distinguished; encompassing frames crafted of 18-carat solid gold, platinum, buffalo horn, musk, and ox horn, inlaid with diamonds, and mammoth tusk. LINDBERG Precious is pure luxury and completely customizable with a large price range. From 18K solid gold aviators with 18K gold coated lenses to opticals inlaid with 80 superior quality Top Wesselton WS diamonds on the temples, LINDBERG is the ultimate in luxe eyewear and jewelry for the face.
LINDBERG’s $5,000 Solid Gold Sunglasses
Collection prices range from $1,279-$14,000+.


LINDBERG is a family-run Danish business lead by Henrik Lindberg who co-founded the company with his father, Poul-Jørn Linberg in the mid 1980’s. A master in innovation and design, they are one of the world’s leading international fashion eyewear companies. Henrik Lindberg’s training as an architect is clearly visible through LINDBERG’s Scandinavian design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity which has lead them to win more international design awards than any other eyewear brand.

LINDBERG is unique in that they have created an individualized system that results in tailor-made eyewear matched to each wearer’s personal preferences and appearance. The system contains truly endless options of shapes, colors, sizes and features. The finishing touch is LINDBERG’s custom name engraving in the frame as well as the individual numbering of each frame.

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