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Lincoln Unveils The 2017 MKZ

Lincoln is ready to unveil their 2017 Lincoln MKZ.

The MKZ is a midsize luxury sedan that places emphasis on function and ease of operation.  The company is proud of features like a push-button gear shift and floating center console.  The auto co. seems to be up with the times, sensitive to a premium on customization.  The Lincoln sports what they call “curated spaces” to give users more what they want.  In fact, someone who purchases a Black Label gets an exclusive personal consultation. Optional features include a retractable panoramic glass roof.

Here are some of the nuts and bolts:

  • 3.0-liter GTDI V6 engine
  • 400 horsepower
  • Dynamic torque vectoring

The emphasis on ease of use is apparent when one peeks into the driving compartment.  The control console for GPS, heating and cooling, and the stereo, is slender and unobtrusive. Everything looks contoured to create a feel of roominess.

The company says its USB ports and controls are intuitive.  They tell us that the engineers have even attended to the sound of new switches.  If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like the sound of certain switches, it’s worth it.

Finally, you’ve been hearing about this newish pedestrian detection technology, and the ’17 MKZ has it.   It also has an auto-hold function that will allow you to lift your feet at red lights.
Fresh off the LA Auto Show, this sedan will hit stores next summer.