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Lincoln Continental Approach Detection Technology Will Have All The Fly Ladies “On Your Jammy”

“Went to the prom, wore the fly blue rental/Got six girlies in my Lincoln Continental.” – MCA of the Beastie Boys, The New Style

The market for the mid-size sedan is so competitive, that auto manufacturers have realized that creature comforts like keyless entry and built in Wi-Fi strongly impact purchase decisions more than ever. And girlies never hurt anybody, either.

The 2017 Lincoln Continental wants you to feel like the stud you are. It features Approach Detection technology that enables the vehicle to sense when the driver, carrying the key fob, comes within a range of up to 8 feet. Once you’ve had a key fob or any type of keyless entry, you’ll wonder how/why you lived so long without it.

When you and your special lady get close enough to the car, it does all kinds of cool stuff. And accents (or creates) your personal level of overall smoothness.

Illuminated welcome mats project onto the ground beneath both front doors. The door-handles glow. LED accent lights on the headlamps and tail-lamps pulse. Interior lights on the door panels, instrument panel and cup holders flicker on. A light softly pulses on the push-button start, signaling that the Continental is ready to go.

Watch Approach Detection in action:


Girlies, the ultimate creature comfort, are sold separately. How many can you jam in there?