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LeBron James Akronite Philosophy Shoe

For years, the philosophy shoe was the sandal. Plato, Descartes, Lao Tzu: all known for wearing sandals. In fact, a spin through many philosophy departments at your local college or university might find quite a few Birkenstocks or others pounding the tile.

LeBron James squashes all of that. This philosophy shoe belongs on the court, and it’s manufactured by Nike. It’s meant to chronicle James’s journey from his hometown Akron, way over to Cleveland, then to Miami. There’s some philosophy in there somewhere.

But if you take a look at the product, you’ll see it’s like a mural for your feet. The upper graphic shows beaches and lakes and fields and all sorts of Ohio and Florida stuff. Blue, orange, and fuchsia make this a garment that will get you noticed.

You’re not exactly cheap, and neither are these high-tops. But they do show that Nike doesn’t mess around when designing a shoe. They don’t just throw a swoosh on it, say it’s a LeBron shoe, and call it a day.

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