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Kyle Xenith Turned an Injury into His Inspiration & Innovation

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One of the first questions we are asked in life is what we want to be when we are older. As kids, this question feels magical. The opportunities feel romantic and endless. As we get older, however, these endless choices can feel underwhelming, claustrophobic, and frustrating. But what if we aren’t mean to decide what we want to do for the rest of our lives by a certain age?

What if there is a defining moment out there waiting for you to experience before you find the passion and commitment in a career? In many cases, we go into one field of work, only to find that our talents and skills are better served elsewhere. This should be applauded. In our grandparent’s day, people were confined to one career field. Now, the whole world is your oyster. Use it.

Workforce Stories That Inspire


In this week’s Workforce Stories (TV) airing October 14th, you’ll meet Kyle Xenith, who turned his sports injury into engineering feats that prevent other athletes from getting hurt. Hear how a snowboarding accident turned Kyle’s world upside down, and how he found the inspiration and courage to design his cutting-edge prototypes, including a safety helmet for the NFL.

If you asked Kyle if he thought he would be at the forefront of safety equipment, you might be surprised to find that it was never in his field of vision, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. His newfound passion for engineering and innovation has given him a second wind and allows him to work with sports personalities while making meaningful contributions to the field.

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