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Kris Dunn On His Childhood, His College Career, and His Future

Despite his eligibility to enter the NBA Draft last year, Providence Point Guard Kris Dunn opted to stay at the university and grab his degree. Despite the risk of injury or a bad season, which could cause Dunn’s draft stock to drop, Dunn had another spectacular season, noted by performances such as his 29 point game against North Carolina during March Madness and is predicted by many to be a top five pick in this year’s draft on June 23rd.

You’ve discussed your upbringing before, has that helped you become the player you are today and if so, how?

Yeah, growing up for me, you know, it was a bit of a struggle not having my father around and having to take care of my little brother a lot. It was definitely something that helped me become both the person I am and the player I am today. Recently I got to meet my father and that was something that made me really happy, it was definitely a great experience and we were both really happy that we were able to meet with each other finally.

What player did you look up to growing up?

As a point guard I really just kinda looked up to the guys that were able to help the rest of their teammates and move the ball around.

We’re seeing Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving, two great scoring PGs, going at it in the NBA Finals right now. Do you see yourself in a similar mold to these players?

As I said before, I kinda see myself as a player that likes to move the ball around a lot and get the rest of the team involved. I do like getting on the scoreboard a lot but I also wanna help the rest of my team get involved in the play. I kinda see myself more as a Rajon Rondo kind of player, you know, someone who really helps his teammates into the game and gets a lot of assists.

What was your favorite moment in your college career?

I’d say advancing past the first round in the NCAA tournament, it’s something that Providence hadn’t done in almost 20 years and for us to be able to get past the first round was something really great.

What’s something you’ve learned about life off the court since finishing your college career?

It’s putting in work all day, you know, just dieting and practicing really hard to prepare. I’m going to the gym, working for a couple hours, and the next day it’s back to the same thing.

What’s something you’ve learned working with Coach Speedman and Speed Stick?
It was pretty cool working with Coach Speedman, I just kinda learned how to have fun with it and not really take yourself seriously. But it was pretty cool to get the chance working with Speed Stick and Coach Speedman, you know, working with an actor like John McGinley was a pretty cool experience.

Do you have a pregame ritual, and if so, what does it include?
Just listening to music, dancing and stuff. We just try and get a little loose before the game, have a little fun with it so we’d put on some music and dance, just have a little fun with it.

Coach Speedman worked with draft prospect Kris Dunn to help them prepare for draft night and life as a pro in general. You can watch Kris’s interview with #Speedman and Speed Stick here, and you can check out #Speedman and Speed Stick’s work other NBA draft prospects on their YouTube channel.