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Kleenhanz® Says Don’t Get Sick This Flu Season

For most of us, catching a bug like a head cold or flu is the result of something we touch that gets transferred from our hands to our eyes, nose or mouth. Our hands are carrying more germs, bacteria and virus than you can imagine. Shopping carts, money, door handles, restaurant menus, almost everywhere we go in public and everything we touch is transferring germs to our hands. If we could keep our hands germ free, it would significantly reduce our chances of getting sick. Developed with more than 10 years of research, Kleenhanz® represents a revolution in consumer germ prevention by killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs, making Kleenhanz® perfect for Handwashing On-the-Go®.

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Since 2002, Kleenhanz® scientists have been working to develop a superior alternative to harsh alcohol based hand sanitizers. Our goal was to develop a germ, bacteria and virus killing hand sanitizing wipe using newer science methods and two active quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), benzalkonium chloride and benzethonium chloride. The result is Kleenhanz®, an alcohol free, superior germ and bacteria killing hand cleaning and sanitizing wipe that leave your hands feeling soft while providing persistent germ killing protection. This newer science utilizes quaternary compounds (detergents) rather than the older methods of ethyl alcohol to kill germs and bacteria, eliminating the harsh side effects of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

When you wipe your hands with a Kleenhanz® towelette you are cleaning, disinfecting, moisturizing and providing persistent germ killing protection. “The increasing abuse and harmful side effects of alcohol-based products are the reasons that Kleenhanz® was created,” says Lance FitzSimon, the company’s Chief Operating Officer and co-founder.

  • Alcohol-free hand cleaning and sanitizing that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on contact.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Water based product (over 99%)
  • Does not sting on open wounds
  • Non-flammable and Non-toxic
  • Safe to use on children and infants
  • Leaves hand feeling soft
  • Provides long lasting germ killing protection

Using a liquid hand sanitizer on dirty hands is ineffective and does not clean your hands, it only moves the dirt and grime around and the second the alcohol dries, its germ killing work is done and your hands are still dirty. When you wipe your hands with a Kleenhanz® towelette, the mechanical action is cleaning your hands while the germ and bacteria killing compounds are working. Your hands will feel moisturized and will have persistent germ killing protection after each use. Kleenhanz® is also very effective as a germ, bacteria and virus killing barrier for surfaces such as door handles, shopping carts, steering wheels, keyboards, restaurant menus, gas pump handles and lots more.

About Kleenhanz®

Kleenhanz® is alcohol free and uses quaternary compounds, Benzethonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride, to kill and then remove germs with long-lasting protection. Kleenhanz® does what alcohol-based sanitizers cannot by effectively cleaning, sanitizing AND removing germs from hands. Kleenhanz® towelettes are used in many schools as well as hospitals, clinics, restaurants, fitness centers and many other areas.

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