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Key Smart Review: The Premium Key Holder and Pocket Key Organizer

It starts with a locker key, then a car key, then a house key, then a gym key, then an office key, then a mailbox key. The list goes on and on. Suffice to say we often end up with more keys than we know what to do with. If you have multiple cars, dwellings, workplaces, the list can feel overwhelming, but the fact is we need keys to get on with our day, so what can you do? Up until now, we’ve made do with adding various links to keychains, until they end up bearing the weight of a ball and chain. Not only can this be entirely obnoxious, but the added weight can actually stress your posture, becoming a candidate for backache. To solve this timeless problem, Key Smart steps up to the plate to deliver on a key organizing system that actually works.

As one of the most popular Kickstarters to date nd boasting the Voted Top 10 Most Innovative on Entrepreneur, it’s obvious that men are sick and tired of carrying around keys like cavemen. Male Standard took a Key Smart for a test drive to see what makes this viral sensation such a hit.

Key Smart: Key Holder & Pocket Key Organizer

On the first impression, the Key Smart is a good looking device. Available in a range of metal brushed colors and sizes, the base model holds up to four keys in a unique fashion to allow for ease of access to your keys, without the traditional anything goes organization. Each key can be added to the holster by removing the sample keys, and fitting your custom separators (included). This allows you to build your Key Smart into a customized key organizer depending on the size of your key collection, and independent keys.

For those with more than four keys, you can also add-on the Key Smart Expansion Pack, which allows you to add girth to the holster, allowing for tons more keys to be added. You can also go up in sizes, depending on the comfort and fit you desire. We found that the set-up was quick and easy, and remained sturdy no matter how many keys you add to your collection, and each size was as sturdy as the next. Key Smart also have keys you can cut in a range of aluminum coated colors for added protection, making this a perfect gift set for outdoor guys.

Key Smart: Key Holder & Pocket Key Organizer

KeySmart will fit almost any flat US standard key. The posts are 4mm in diameter, and allow for smooth movement. Key Smart don’t recommend putting large or plastic covered car keys inside the KeySmart because they do not glide easily, although we found our model works perfectly fine. These keys can be attached to the loop piece that comes with each KeySmart if you prefer. This is another neat feature that shows jut how much thought has been put into the product development. The trick is to be creative in how you customize your Key Smart Pocket Key Organizer, that’s where we found the most fun. 

The Male Standard Verdict

The Key Smart genuinely solves a sincere problem in the men’s accessories world, which is that of noisy or hard to find keys. For all too long, we’ve been using keys like cavemen without even realizing it. The Key Smart made a huge difference in our day, from feeling and appearing more organized, to saving time at the gym, office, front door, and everywhere else we’re locked into. The designs are sturdy, attractive, well sized, and come in a variety of fits and colors to suit all men’s lifestyle needs. They’re easy to assemble and customized to your own setup, and can be tweaked in a matter of moments.

If you carry three or more keys on a daily basis, we highly recommend that you pick up a Key Smart Pocket Key Organizer and give one a whirl. We bet you’ll see the difference immediately, and your pockets will thank you!

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