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Keeping Track of What’s Important with the Tile App (Includes a Giveaway)

As a new dad, my hands are full. Literally. I knew there would be lifestyle changes, but I didn’t know just how much ‘stuff’ I’d have to keep track of till our bundle of joy arrived. Now I don’t leave the house without my keys, wallet, iPad or laptop, diaper bag, stroller, car seat, and a living breathing baby who depends on me or my wife for everything. It’s like a full out tactical mission moving our family from A to B, but thankfully, we found a way to ease the burden. Keep reading to find out how!

There’s a lot to expect when you’re expecting, however, what we were totally unprepared for was just how much stuff I’d lose track of! Things I’m used to grabbing when leaving the house are left behind while I focus on our little one. Just the other week I was in Target when a woman gave me a sympathetic look as I explained that I had left my wallet at home. I mean, who does that? For a few seconds, I genuinely feared I could have left my wallet anywhere…but thankfully, ok stressfully, I just had to leave the diapers behind and make a second trip.

To see if there was a realistic way to keep track of the things we need, and avoid coming up empty handed at the grocery store, restaurants, and so on, Male Standard took the Tile App for a spin. Starting from $25, this device App combo promises peace of mind – you’ll never lose anything again, including your sanity!

If You’d Miss It, Tile It

From smart phones to tablets to luxury cars, we are surrounded by technology. It’s no secret that we live and love our modern lifestyles, but did you know it can cost you big time? A friend of mine couldn’t believe it cost him $200 to replace his car key when he left them somewhere between work, the gym, and his home. If I knew then what I know now, he could have spent chump change and found his keys easily. How? The Tile App.

Keeping Track of What’s Important with the Tile App

Tile is like insurance for anything you love. It’s a compact device that acts as a keyring or magnet and attaches to important accessories to track their location. The super slim, minimalist design fits in with your lifestyle; when you lose something, you can find it using the Tile App on your smartphone. If you’re at home, Bluetooth location is a breeze to use. If the range is longer you can track by GPS location.

You can even track up to 8 different items from one account. What’s cooler, if you lose an item somewhere that has heavy foot traffic, like the mall or a festival, you can tap into the Tile Community, which is integrated into the App and enlist an army of help. If someone finds your item, they can mark it as found, and you are notified of the location. This means you could find your item before you even knew it was missing!

Keeping Track of What’s Important with the Tile App
  • Item Weight: 1.3 ounces
  • Product Size: 37mm x 37mm x 5.3mm
  • Battery: CR2 Battery included
  • Product Battery Life: 8765 Hours or 1 Year from shipment

Before we knew it, my wife and I were tracking all sorts of items that commonly went missing – like my car keys (which now serve as baby distractors), and we’re so much happier. All I have to do is check my App and I know if I left them in another room – not on top of the car or at the store – without waking up our baby. Furthermore, it’s actually fun to use, it’s like your playing one big game of hide and seek.

The Male Standard Verdict

The Tile App has a super sleep user interface that is easy to use – even my not so tech savvy mom found it easy to use out of the box. This is in part due to the step by step set up that talks you through each step – easy! We loved that you can search for lost items using both Bluetooth and location. Oftentimes, we lose stuff around the house more often than being out, so having the option to choose made Tile realistic and useful.

Keeping Track of What’s Important with the Tile App

Fun ways to use Tile:

  • Never lose a key or wallet again
  • Track luggage going through airports
  • Watch parcels as they travel across the country
  • Locate stolen items ranging from beach bags to cars
  • Find up to 8 friends at festivals by sharing your Tile network

When searching for lost items around the home, the Tile App plays a cool tune from within the device itself to help narrow down the search. Now we don’t have to look endlessly for the TV remote! As you get close to the device, the App lets you know by playing ‘hot or cold.’ The hotter you get, the closer you are. This cut looking time in half. The only problem I had was my wife stole it from me to track her purse.

However, Tile has us covered! Tile is the only key finder App with a sharing feature, which means more than one person can track an item from their smartphone. This is an awesome feature for people who share access to say a car or mailbox. The community feature was also impressive, and it really gave us peace of mind knowing if we go on vacation, for example, we can track our luggage or work with someone to return our valuables.

If you would like to get your hands on a Tile, we’ve got awesome news – we’ve one to giveaway to a Male Standard reader in need! All you have to do is enter into our giveaway below: