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Jungle Acai: The Absolute Highest Quality Açai

A long time ago, before the city of Belém in the state of Pará existed, there lived an indigenous tribe. At this time food was scarce and because of this the chief made a cruel decision: he resolved that all children born that day forward would be sacrificed as a necessity, or there would not be enough food for everyone. Sadly, Iaça, the Chief’s daughter, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who was not spared the cruel decision of his grandfather.


Iaça cried every night missing her son, until one night when the moon was full, the Indian heard the cry of a child. The cry came from the direction of a beautiful palm tree.When Iaça arrived at the location, her son waited for her with open arms. Radiant with joy, Iaça ran to embrace him, but when she did this, the child mysteriously disappeared. The next day, the Indian was found dead, hugging the trunk of the palm tree. Her face held a soft smile of happiness and her black eyes, still open, stared up the tree that was full of a small black fruit.

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The Chief ordered the fruit be punished, but found that they could extract a juice when crushed. And that became the principal source of food for that tribe. This find caused the Chief to suspend the sacrifices of the newborns because there was no more food shortage. In thankfulness to the god Tupã and as homage to his daughter, the Chief gave the name AÇAÍ to the fruit found on the palm tree, which is the name Iaça backwards.

Jungle Acai: The Absolute Highest Quality Açai

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Jungle Acai: The Absolute Highest Quality Açai

Açaí is a food rich in various healthful substances, it is consumed by athletes and elderly alike throughout the world. In addition, through extraction by exploration we ensure the preservation of sustainability of the largest forest in the world and also provide income generation for people who inhabit the region.

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