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JocksNTees Makes Room In Your Suitcase for Souvenirs

Many travelers each year arrive back home from a wonderful, exhilarating trek across the world, only to wish they could have brought back a couple more of their favorite souvenirs to remember their trip. But alas, there was no room in their suitcase. Moreover, many people find themselves cramped and uncomfortable on plane flights, packing the wrong types of clothes, and bringing greater volumes of various items than is necessary. Consider these helpful traveling tips that will save you time, keep you comfortable and the trip running smoothly, and let you bring back that favorite, commemorative souvenir you had to leave behind last time.

JocksNTees Makes Room In Your Suitcase for Souvenirs

1. Throw away underclothes 

This may sound strange, but keep reading. Many travelers lament their inability to bring their favorite souvenirs home with them from their travels. Either they must shell out a wad of cash to ship the items back home or they’re forced to load on as extra baggage, and or are restricted to wishful thinking because the items will not fit in their suitcase. However, Jocks N’ Tees would like to offer a clever tip.

Throw away your underclothes as you wear them. For men, who wear t-shirts and underpants on a regular basis, this is especially helpful. Make room in your suitcase for other items you want to bring home by throwing away undershirts and underpants as you wear them during your vacation. No one wants to lug around tons of dirty underclothes, anyways.

However, don’t leave home without proactively replenishing your underwear drawer, otherwise you may be short on underpants when you get home. Set yourself up with a subscription to Jocks N’ Tees, and there will be new underwear and undershirts on their way to your doorstep while you’re off traveling. No longer should you worry about finding the exact brand, size, and style you wear at the store. You find it once with Jocks N’ Tees, and from that point on, it will come to you. No shopping hassle necessary.

2. Choose travel sized toiletries

Why haul around a 16 ounce bottle of shampoo when you’re only going to use five ounces during your trip? Packing travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, shaving cream, and other toiletry items is a fantastic way to conserve space. Moreover, during your trip, you will likely use most of it – and can simply throw away the travel bottles the morning of your flight home, making room for more souvenirs, keepsakes, and gifts to bring home.

3. Pack light-weight, easy-dry clothing

Not only do lighter clothes help you conserve your luggage weight, but it’s often more comfortable and convenient for travel purposes. If you happen to get drenched while strolling through whatever vacation destination you’ve chose, light-weight, easy-dry clothing will dry much faster than other types of fabrics that would stay wet for hours. Stay in style and be comfortable – the best of both worlds.

4. Carry a refillable water bottle

It might feel strange to carry and empty water bottle through security, but you’ll find that it’s worth it on the other side. When you’re thirsty, you don’t have to find a drinking fountain or bother an attendant. And, you can keep it in your bag on trips and outings during your vacation. Gobs of travelers each year forget to stay hydrated and find themselves facing headaches and fatigue. Avoid health problems and inconveniences and bring along your favorite water bottle.

5. Bring a few comfort items

Airplanes, taxis, trains, and buses have never been known as the cleanest or most comfortable to an average traveler. Bringing along a few items for the sake cleanliness and comfort can make the trip far more enjoyable.

Consider bringing any or all of these items along:

  • thermacare heat wrap

  • anti-bacterial wipes

  • cough drops

  • tissues

  • lotion

  • hand sanitizer

  • neck pillow is an online subscription-based underwear and undershirt delivery service for men. Making room for more souvenirs by throwing away your underclothes on the road has ever been easier, come back from your summer vacation to brand new underwear and undershirts, conveniently delivered when and where you want.