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Interview: Jay Glazer Talks NFL, MMA and Pirates

Male Standard recently talked with Jay Glazer, one of the most polarizing personalities in sports. As the NFL insider for Fox Sports, he’s been very vocal about the current controversy surrounding football. He’s also involved in outside projects including MMA and various charities.

Jay has partnered with Captain Morgan to challenge his fellow TV and radio personalities to ransack their regularly scheduled programming by talking like a pirate. In exchange, the brand has pledged to make an additional $1,000 charitable donation for each personality that participates.

Join us as we discuss the NFL, MMA and Pirates…

Q: What is your typical day like?

A. There is no such thing as a typical day. To be honest with you I’m on 2 hours of sleep. When they broke the Adrian Peterson news at 1:00am, pst, I just sat up on the phone all night then finally got an hour and a half of sleep then the head coach called me to ask about it, then I wake up, started doing this tour then right to the gym.

Q: Football Analyst to Pirate. What is going on?

I’ll tell you what, this has been the worst week in my career I can remember covering the NFL. I thought covering the NFL would be an escape for people. I didn’t sign up to cover domestic violence, child abuse and things that are so heavy on your heart. I’m not your social and moral compass. I just signed up to report football. We don’t count in sports. We’re not important, where we can be important is that we give you an escape for the things that are important.

All the sudden football became heaver than anything else in life. Captain Morgan was great and they came to me and said they wanted do something with me. I said hey this week is exactly what we need, something silly, crazy and fun to get back to being able to have fun again. So we have Talk Like a Pirate day on Friday and it all goes to charities very near and dear to my heart: Purple Heart Homes and NYC City Harvest.

Every time somebody talks like a pirate this Friday, you hashtag #CaptainandColaaarr or #TLPD and Captain Morgan will donate $1 – $1000 to these charities. Captain Morgan came up with this at the right time. I know my soul needed a break. It’s a fun and silly thing that’s great and it goes to two really great charities.

Q. You’re going to be doing your show and randomly break out into pirate mode? Is that how it is going to work?

A. I’m going to try starting tomorrow. I have this Fantasy Football show called Fantasy Football Uncensored. Myself along with David Spade, Chuck Liddell, Jerry Ferrara, Nick Swardson, Brody Stevens, and just all my knuckle meat head friends playing the normal fantasy league they normally do, but now we’re just televising it.

Q. How many leagues are you currently in and do you play for money, food, laughs or all?

A. I don’t pay fantasy football, except for one thing, I play with my son, the best 11 year old boy on the planet, my dad, brother and some family firens. I suck at fantasy football. It is paralysis over analysis. I stink at betting, I don’t bet. Also, I am privy to a lot of things like game plans, how banged up guys are and aren’t. I over think it so I stink at it. I can tell you who’s playing and who’s not. I came out of nowhere and told every one that Doug Martin and Cam Newton weren’t playing in a later game, so I saved some people. I do pride myself on being able to give injury info unlike anybody else for those fantasy football fans.

Q. Week 2 was interesting. What are some things we can expect in week 3?

A. I just can’t wait for football to be that escape. I want football to be football again. I don’t know when it is going to back to that. When something happens in the NFL, everybody jumps on and wants to have their platform to really talk about it and it overshadows what we are there to talk about. I admit I am not fit to talk about it. I have my own opinions about things, but I signed up to talk about football.

Q. Why does society lean on the NFL to be the moral compass? Why can’t it just be football, the way it is supposed to be?

A. I think sports have gotten so important to people as an escape. When you take that away, people get infuriated. They are like I have all this other stuff going on in my life, but I have my fantasy football, my favorite player and team, then all the sudden there is this bad issue to discuss. People get very angry about it and I don’t blame them.

I don’t get players who do stuff like this, most of them don’t and that the thing everyone thinks most of these guys do it. Out of 53 guys in a locker room, you may have 5 bad ones or 2 bad ones, but you have 30 guys who do so much for charity and people don’t hear about it. When god blesses you with the ability that 99.99% of people in the world are not able to do, what would you do? Then you snap and throw it all away, I just don’t understand it.

Q. What is your “Male Standard”?

A. Absolutely. I decided a long time ago that I’d be the last man standing. They say quitting is not an option. Quitting is the easiest option in the world and it is sitting on your shoulders every second of the day. I’ve said that everyone else at one point or another is going to give into that, give into quitting and I’m not. I didn’t get paid the first 11- 12 years of my career. I made $9,400 in a year. I was living in the war zone in Brooklyn and upper Manhattan. I jut decided I would be the last dude standing. I’m certainly not the smartest one or the best looking one, or the best communicator, but I’ve got a stronger will than anybody. I also make it a point not to blame life, god or anything like that. Sometimes things just suck and it is up to you to overcome it.

Q. Is that a common trait you see in the greats who are a part of the NFL and MMA?

A. Yes. You are willing to push your breaking point for everyone else, be it physically or emotionally. You have this breaking point where you have to move around everyone else ad you’ll get there no matter what.

Thank you Jay for chatting with us. It was a blast. You can follow Jay Glazer on Twitter @JayGlazer

With Friday being International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Captain Morgan Rum Co. is challenging adult consumers across the U.S. to channel their inner buccaneer, raise a glass of Captain & Colaaarr and talk like a pirate – all for a good cause.

In addition to raising a glass of Captain & Colaaarr, Captain Morgan is encouraging fans to share their celebrations on social media. For every tweet using the #CaptainandColaaarr hashtag, the brand will donate $1 to charitable organizations, including NYC’s City Harvest and Purple Heart Homes.

Adult fans can also visit or the brand’s Facebook page to complete the Captain and Colaaarr Challenge and show off their toast.