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Is Your Boss a D-Bag?

Let’s face it; some bosses can be real idiots. Whether they micromanage, bully, are obtuse or completely oblivious, sometimes it seems like the worst qualified lump in the building somehow rose in the ranks. How do you deal with someone like this, cracking orders at you, without ending up throwing him out a third story window? Simple: kick his ass in the parking lot. Just kidding.

Weigh your options. If you can’t take whatever he’s emanating, look for another boss. If that isn’t happening, consider the amount of discomfort you’re having at work versus the pain of looking for a new job.

Avoid “the hive.” Sometimes sharing negativity with others provides instant, temporary gratification, but remember– negativity only begets negativity. Try to stay positive, look toward resolving the problem, not trying to add to it.

Be fair. If your boss is being unfair, stand your ground. As an employee, you have rights. Your job duties were never written with you being kicked around in mind, every company wants employees to be happy. It’s conducive to work output and minimizes workplace issues from occurring.

Document wrongdoings. If you feel like you’re legitimately being wronged, and I mean legitimately being wronged (not being forced to do actual work!), document times, dates, events, and who was involved. Keep notes and if it occurs on a regular basis, take the issue to Human Resources. Remember, despite workplace hierarchy, everyone has rights and no one has the right to violate them.

Find an off-the-clock outlet. Don’t turn to drinking, drugs or anything toxic to your body and psyche for release. These things are a quick release. If you can channel your frustrations into positive energy, say like working out, you’re getting the best of whatever he, she or life is throwing at you. The best revenge is always success.

Utilize vacation days. Get the hell away every now and again. Forget work for a few days and take time to redefine yourself outside the office. Often times, as adults, our very definition of ourselves becomes our jobs. Suze Orman always says your job does not define you. Your job gives you the resources to define yourself.

Motivate yourself. Nothing is a greater source of motivation than an unenjoyable existence, and nothing is more unenjoyable than having a D-bag as a boss. Use this heat to launch your career rocket. Work hard, set goals, and strike at opportunities to move up. With a wink and a smile you can always “thank” your boss for being the driving force behind your promotion(s).

Big picture. Keep in mind your boss isn’t picking on you personally, he or she’s trying to maximize company output in out-of-touch ways. Sure, you may seem like just a cog in your boss’ machine, but big-picture-wise, your boss is just a slightly bigger cog in a bigger machine. The dependency factor is almost mutual.

Keep karma. Take peace in knowing that D-bags rarely excel in life. If your boss is truly the crown jewel of morons, he or she will forever be that. You very rarely see out-of-touch nitwits rising to levels higher than middle management. Keep your wits about you and your big picture goals in mind. Though your boss may be your boss now, if his or her management styles are that out of whack, they’ll be spotted once they try to rise above anything other than mediocre. Use this as memorable fuel for your journeys of exactly how not to be.