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Is Working Out the New Adult Entertainment?

Ok here’s the scenario … I am lying in bed with my man and we are skimming through the channels, HBO, Showtime, Skinamax, Playboy, etc., and low and behold I look up to see my husband has turned on a channel that is just women working out. Of course they are making their best “o” face and lifting weights with slow deliberation but working out nonetheless.

So, in my infinite curiosity of all things male I turned him and asked, “What is this?” He laughed and said this is a channel that is used almost like porn for some men where they can watch women working out.

“Really?” I was shocked. I myself have always enjoyed working out alone. Although, come to think of it, there have been times that I have worked out with my husband and I definitely noticed that he seems to have a certain “regard” to me working out.

When I asked him if he too found this to be a turn on, indicating what I had picked up on the rare occasions that we did work out together, he said that it really wasn’t a turn on per se, it was just me. Oh, yes, of course that must be it … I had to research this new male curiosity.

I began questioning my guy friends to see what their thoughts were and if they too found it to be a turn on, obviously intrigued.

Interestingly, most guys did indeed find it hot. I got answers like, “well I think it is hot to watch a girl work out … mostly stretching because you can imagine all of the positions that you can get her in sexually.” That seemed the most logical to me and made sense, as did the next popular comment, “if you see a girl working out, sweating in the gym you know that she takes care of herself, that’s a turn on.” Ok, I can get behind that too. Honestly, my initial thought was guys enjoyed watching boobs bounce on the treadmills (am I wrong?)

This leads me to the question at hand. While yes I understand a girl who takes care of herself is a turn on and a girl who can contort her body in ways to make a grown man cry is also a turn on, my really question is can it compete with porn? Is it that big of a turn on?

If so, I wonder how many of you could get your chicks to start working out in front of you vs. watching “Deep Throat” for the 10th time. (Yes, yes, I know we can all get used porn dvds for $5, a serious steal!).

So I am going to throw it back to you. Is it hot enough to compete with adult entertainment? Do you tune in? Is it just something different sexually?