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Is This the End of Chuck Liddell?

UFC 115 saw what many fans believe to be the last MMA fight of Chuck Lidell. After a rousing back and forth battle with Rich Franklin, Lidell was knocked out with a right hook in the first round from out of nowhere.

Tonight’s fight ended in the first round. Both men were trading blows evenly throughout the bout. Chuck seemed like a new man. He threw a wide variety of punches and even made a few take down attempts.

Liddell’s kicks were violent. Franklin’s left forearm was swollen after the fight, leaving many to speculate that it’s broken. Toward the end of the fight, Liddell advanced with a fury of punches taking Franklin towards the cage. Franklin threw a right hook that surprised Chuck for the knockout.

At age forty, Chuck Liddell has accomplished a great deal in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. During 2005-2006, Liddell was the biggest name in UFC. Now, five years later, Chuck has lost the majority of his last fights. While Liddell lost this fight, he looked in great condition. As for this being the end of his career, never say never.