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Irish Brewer to Use Guinness ‘Stache to Build Community Values in the U.S.

Once a year, we find a reason to celebrate what brings us together; Guinness is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, and to prove that what brings us together is also what brings out the best in all of us – the brand is using its infamous Guinness ‘Stache in a creative way. After all, it’s no secret that each pint of Guinness stout when enjoyed slowly, leaves behind a foamy mustache after each delicious sip.

Guinness is turning the ‘Stache into an agent for social good; given the political climate and current state of affairs throughout the US, this year, the ‘Stache represents the brewer’s overarching symbol for building bonds between us, encouraging us to come together, no matter backgrounds, beliefs or political leanings.

From today, through March 19, 2017, adult beer lovers can share their ‘Staches on social media – be it self-grown, drawn on, well-groomed, or Guinness-enhanced – each photo tagged @ GuinnessUS and # StacheForCharity will earn a $1 (up to $100,000) donation to the Guinness Gives Back Fund*, which supports nonprofits that contribute to the common good in local communities.

Whether you’re having a Guinness Draught and getting your ‘Stache, or ordering up any other Guinness beer this St. Patrick’s Day, please respect the beer and drink sensibly.

*The Guinness Gives Back Fund is a corporate donor advised fund administered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.