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Introducing Alton Lane’s Revolutionary 3D Body Scanner

Alton Lane has redefined the relationship between fashion and technology with their one-of-a-kind 3D Body Scanner. As the only fashion brand to offer such advanced technologies in the retail space, Alton Lane has found a way to create perfect fitting garments at the highest quality possible. Available at all of Alton Lane’s showrooms, the 3D scanner has over 30 sensors that take over 160 different body measurements. A 3D avatar is created in just minutes, which becomes the blueprint for the perfect bespoke items you are ordering. Following the scan, your personal showroom attendant will take hand measurements, taking into account body posture, shoulder slope and hips.

Introducing Alton Lane’s Revolutionary 3D Body Scanner

While fashion and technology is a key aspect of Alton Lane, the experience goes far beyond the 3D body scanner. Each showroom offers a unique private club experience with a fully stocked bar, projection screen televisions and secret wine cellars and game rooms.

About Alton Lane

Quality is always our top priority. From world-class fabrics and linings to premium finishings, we are committed to using the highest quality materials available. We have enlisted the craftsmanship of master pattern makers and tailors who construct your clothing with the utmost care and precision. We strive to deliver a precise fit based on your individual body by using our 3D technology, select hand measurements and sample garments that allow us to gain more insight into your personal preferences on fit and cut. We are committed to providing the best fit, best quality and best experience possible. We are not satisfied until you love your garments and will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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