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Intimate Shaving Tips For Men

If you decided to finally shave down there, you have to consider several aspects. Your sensitive zone requires some patience and caution as you don’t want to hurt yourself. You will learn how to shave your pubic hair with practice. Many men feel intimidated by this idea, as shaving your pubic hair is different from shaving your face. Below you will find a list of shaving tips for a safe shave:

First of all, here is the list of necessary tools:

–          Scissors;

–          A new double-blade razor will work just fine;

–          You should use shaving cream or gel for smooth shave. Don’t even think of using a shower gel or soap;

–          After shave lotion and some cortisone cream to avoid potential itchiness and ingrown hair.

The first step is to choose the right shaving cream, as it will soften the thick pubic hair for a smoother shave. Avoid using cheap disposable and electric shaving razors. Buy a new razor with multiple blades.

Second step is to cut off all the long hair with scissors. You will not be able to shave it all off at once. The shaving process might take some time, as you would need to get rid of all the long hair first and then start shaving. Don’t forget to take a shower after you cut the hair with scissors. Warm water will soften your skin and prepare it for shaving.

Thirdly, you need to apply shaving gel on the area. Use your razor to cut the hair in the hair growth direction. When you’re done with that, you can go in the opposite direction to cut all the stubbly hair. Don’t forget to rinse your blade once in a while. A clogged razor would not really work.

Finally, you need to rinse all the hair and see if you missed any spots. Apply a bit of after shave lotion on the dry skin. It will calm your skin down.

You may suffer from ingrown hair due to their think and curly nature. If you get too many ingrown hair, you should shave in the growth direction next time. You can buy anti-itch cream in any pharmacy to ease the pain. The itching will begin when you hair starts to grow. You can either shave again or apply some cortisone cream on the area.

You can try shaving over a bathtub. This way you will find a better position to access the area. You should shave at least twice a week for a better result.

Be careful! If you get any cuts in the sensitive area, avoid having any sexual contact until the cuts are gone. The cuts will increase your chances of getting STDs, they may also scar your skin. Avoid shaving before you go to the gym as the sweating will only irritate your skin.

Many people avoid waxing due to the fact that it causes a lot of pain in the sensitive area. Even though you need to keep shaving on a regular, this method does not take much time and does not cause much pain either.

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