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Interview – Angels Players C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton

Note: This is part 2 of our coverage of the Head & Shoulders Season of the Whiff campaign. Read part one where we interview Troy Polamalu here.

Male Standard had the opportunity to interview two Angels greats at the Head & Shoulders Whiff-a-Thon event in Los Angeles, CA. First off we talk with ‘Mane Man’ C.J. Wilson where he shares the one word he follows for continual improvement. Next, we talk with Josh Hamilton where we find out his Male Standard, pre-game rituals and grooming routines.

Read on ask we find out what drives them to be the best. Interview With C.J. Wilson

Victor:            What’s your Male Standard? Do you have a creed or something that you follow?

C.J. Wilson:    It’s actually a Japanese word called Kaizen. It’s a daily process of improvement, so every day you try and get a little bit better at something. It’s really not that hard to establish a baseline for what you expect out of yourself, and then just to take one extra step.

Victor:            So it’s just measurement?

C.J. Wilson:    No, no, no. I’m saying, literally, if we’re talking about working out or something, if all you can do is run a mile, if you can run one step past a mile, and then the next day you run two steps past a mile, you build on that. You just give yourself something to build on. I think that’s the key; if you can give yourself something to build on and be consistent. I don’t believe in cheating, or “cheat days,” or anything like that; so whether it’s diet or lifting weights, or whatever, I always try to force myself to get the most out of it, in part, every day.

Victor:            Awesome. I know it’s been a long day and I appreciate your time

C.J. Wilson:    All right. Peace out. No problem. Interview With Josh Hamilton

Victor:      At we help guys become the best version of themselves. We ask every guy, what’s your Male Standard?

Josh Hamilton:      Don’t smell. Yeah, I think it’s important, obviously, have good hygiene, period. But, I was telling another guy, this right here is, you know I don’t do endorsements unless they’re authentic, so I’ve used Head & Shoulders for a long, long time. Coming off the field, I used it before that in high school and growing up. I actually used some last night, first I did two in one and it smelled phenomenal, man. So, it was cool. I’ve got four kids and a wife, so I just try to be presentable, basically.

Victor:     Do you have a grooming routine that you follow? Or are you kind of low maintenance?

Josh Hamilton:     I’m low maintenance, man. I’ve had more haircuts since I’ve started doing this commercial; I usually get like two or three haircuts a year, I like for my curls to get big, like Will Ferrell. Mom is liking the change, she’s seen the new haircut, and it’s all good, man.

Victor:     That’s awesome. Have you noticed, if grooming is become more mainstream for the average guy? You know in the past it was very taboo for guys to take care of themselves.

Josh Hamilton:     I’m a big groomer. I like to help mama out, but, you know, I’ve never been able to shave because I’ve got curly hair, and I get bad bumps and stuff, ingrown hairs and stuff. So, I just shave with a trimmer.

Josh Hamilton: Other than that, I’m starting to grow hair in places that it shouldn’t be, you know, I’m getting older. But I trim that up with that, and man, it’s all good.

Victor:     Let’s talk more in terms of your passion and drive as a player. How do you prep before a game? Do you listen to a specific song? How do you get in the zone?

Josh Hamilton:     I’m different than most guys, man. I like to wait until the last minute to get in the hot tub, ankles taped and clothes on. You know, I don’t like to get dressed and ready early, because then you’re sitting down like, Okay, what do I do now? So, my routine is exactly what I  just said, most guys sit in their locker with their headphones on, I like to go to the cage right before the game and hit balls. But, I’m pretty, just, easy, man.

Victor:     How has the transition been? How is California different than Texas? Is Texas more laid back, or..?

Josh Hamilton:     I don’t know, I haven’t been here long enough. It’s just different, we’ll see, especially if you play and perform, if you don’t perform, we’ll see; but I plan on performing.

Victor:     That’s awesome.

Josh Hamilton:     The weather, you obviously can’t beat the weather. It’s been one of those things in Texas where I grew up in the east of North Carolina, so Houston is 95% to 100% humidity. So, Texas wasn’t a big deal as far as the weather, but hopefully the body will feel a little bit better here. You know, my kids are enjoying it so far, my wife is enjoying it, maybe we can spend some time at the beach.

Victor:     Heck yeah, that’s awesome, man. That’s really cool. Very nice to meet you.

Josh Hamilton:     Thank you. Nice to meet you.

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